Friday, August 31, 2012

A 60 Mesh Atelier LOTD

Yay for new discount events! I've got a sneak peek at some goodies you can nab at the opening of 60 Mesh Atelier which starts in just a few hours. This event features lots of goodies all for 60 lindens. My faves this round are this bright fun dress from Reila Skins and this cutesy bag from Censored which comes in beige or pink. Be sure to check out the 60 Mesh Atelier to find your own faves.

The rest of my LOTD is just some old faves plus this pale Atomic skin with bright red lips that I picked up from this round of TDR Blue. I'm a huge fan of ruby red lips and always on the lookout for new skins with them so of course, I had to give this one a try too.

Style Card

Hair: [e] (Elikapeka Tiramisu) Claim in Blonde 07
Skin: [Atomic] (Ivy Graves) Grace Skin Buff in CherryBomb (TDR Blue!)
Dress: Reila (Reila Karu) Bohemian Summer 2 Dress (60 Mesh Atelier!)
Bag: Censored (Cindy Oysernatz) Dudda Bag in Beige (60 Mesh Atelier!)
Boots: Miel (Miel Nirvana) Dandy Boots
Poses: ABS (Stu Reyes) Hand Bag Poses

Location: Empress & Hierophant

Thursday, August 30, 2012

All Over The Place

Yep, I admit. I'm a shopping monster and the last few days, I've been all over the place. Checking out new stores, visiting old faves. If there was something I saw on the feeds that I absolutely needed, I went and got it. Oh and my SL bestie, Kimbra showed me these heels and of course, since I have a gutter mind, I had to have them. I know you can't see the heels well but they are buttplugs. Omg! So funny. Gotta love designers with a sense of humor and an even naughtier mind than mine.

Also, if you're a bargain fashionista, I've got some deals for you too. (flaunt) has out this intricately done tattoo as a subscriber gift right now in celebration of having 100 members. I've been a fan of their tattoos since they appeared in Perfect Wardrobe and even though I usually don't rock tats, I couldn't pass up this one. Also, Coloreta's is having a 50% off store closing sale. If you're looking for some cute basic editions to add to your look, be sure to check them out. I nabbed this shirt and think it's adorable. Well, it's back to blowing lindens for me. Muahz all!

Style Card

Hair: Truth (Truth Hawks) Aurora in Fudge
Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Laika II in Tan 04
Earrings: FZaPP (Fernandinha Zapedzki) Cristal Earrings in Negro (60 Mesh Atelier!)
Top: Coloreta's (Cate Ying) Bowy Tanky Top in Toffee 2 (50% Store Closing Sale)
Skirt: *Milk* (kattington Resident) My Denim Mini Skirt in Black (New!)
Heels w/Stockings: Luck Inc. (CK Winx) Sexy Me Heels in Leather (New!)
Nails: Izzie's (Izzie Button) Gradient Nails (New!)
Tattoo: (flaunt) (Suriko Leimes) 100 Member Gifty Tattoo (Subscriber Gift!)
Poses: Label Motion (Anne Dakun) Compliation Pack (Perfect Wardrobe!)

Location: Alcove

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Up Up And Away

Icons of Style has these whimsical balloon props available at the next round of XYROOM. As soon as I saw them, my mind went in a dreamy state of mind. These balloons come with 6 poses perfect for floating away with. I nabbed this skirt from a new to me store called welldone.atelier that was available at this round of fi*Fridays. I don't think this store is open yet but the skirt was so nicely done that I couldn't resist it. Finishing up my look is newness from Analog Dog. While this store isn't one of my normal go to stores for hair, I saw them on another blog and had to have it. I love the pretty braid and the whispy flexi attachment. If you didn't know Analog Dog now has mesh hair, you should be sure to check them out because they have quite a few cute new styles.

Now I'm gonna talk about this location. I'm always on the lookout for pretty places to take my photos at. While browsing the feeds, I came across an adorable post featuring this location so I had to check it out. The location is called Black Kite and when I went to check them out, I found I had seen it in other blogs. I love the floating docks and pretty water so much that I'm sure I'll be back here again and again. Kudos to this fabulous sim designer. You did an awesome job.

Style Card

Hair: .b (Queue Marlowe) Skura in Oatmeal (New!)
Skin: Izzie's (Izzie Button) Delusional in Sunkissed w/Pure Gloss
Top: (Darling Monday) Soft Cami in White
Skirt: welldone.atelier (Kere Millar) Freedom Skirt in White (fi*Fridays!)
Necklace: Bens Beauty (Snow Martiel) Cupcake Necklace (Stuff in Stock!)
Feet: Slink (Siddean Munro) Womens Natural Barefeet
Pose Prop: IOS (Katia Millet) Blue Balloons (Upcoming XYROOM!)

Location: Black Kite

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crash Into XYROOM on Sept. 1st

A new round of XYROOM starts on the 1st and I've got a looksie at a few items you can nab from this awesome event. NousVous has this bright colorful tank and sweats combo out. I love the laidback vibe I get from wearing this and I'm a big fan of yellow so I just had to show it off. You know you want to get your own crashtastic look so be sure to grab this.

Also, Sugar has out this candylicious skin complete with glossy bright pink lips and a softer purple shadow. This skinnie comes in a teeth or non teeth version but since I'm anti SL teeth, I decided to show off the non teeth one. If you're looking for a new skin at a discount price, be sure to head on over to demo this one once the round opens.

Style Card

Hair: Wasabi Pills (MissAllSunday Lemon) Monique in Pancake
Skin: :Sugar: (Iokko Molko) Fuze Skin in Candy Coated (Upcoming XYROOM!)
Outfit: ^NousVous^ (SophiaCarolina Ohmai) Sport Outfit (Upcoming XYROOM!)
Tattoo: Delusions (Whisper Mizin) Crazy Bitch Tattoo (Perfect Wardrobe!)
Shoes: Slink (Siddean Munro) Aussie Thongs in Black
Poses: Label Motion (Anne Dakun) JCee Poses

Location: The Warehouse District

Monday, August 27, 2012

Anne is Artsy

Soho Corner just released this new living room set and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to snap a couple pics to show it off. It comes complete with these plush chairs with lots of built in poses, an adorable working clock, and these beautiful stacked watercolor paintings which includes one of my fave paintings ever, Starry Night, perfect for a simple, artsy decor touch.

As you can see, this set is so cute and it works perfectly in this free house I nabbed on a lucky board a while back so if you are looking for some nicely done furniture, be sure to head on over to Soho Corner and pick up the Anne Living set.

Style Card

All Furniture: Soho Corner (Lamia Datura) Anne Living Set (New!)
House: ++HY's++ (Hitsu Ruby) House 03 (Lucky Board Prize)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Perfect Wardrobe: Asylum

Perfect Wardrobe is back with a new round and this time, the theme is Asylum. As some of you know I'm a nurse in RL so I thought I'd show a look showing what would happen if a nurse snapped and went a little umm psycho.

As you can see, there are quite a few awesome finds this round and as always, everything is 90L. I was super excited to see that Logo has joined the team because I recently found their hair and love it. Also, Izzie's never seems to let me down and her Estella Asylum skin is super creepy and highly detailed so be sure to check it out. Finishing up my PW look are these awesome nails by Rotten Defiance. I love blood red nails so I'm sure I'll be rocking these again and again.

Style Card

Hair: Logo (Sakuri Myanamotu) Lyla in Asylum (Perfect Wardrobe!)
Skin: Izzie's (Izzie Button) Estella Asylum Skin (Perfect Wardrobe!)
Eyes: Ikon (Ikon Innovia) Utopia Eyes in Dark Red
Outfit: !SU (Eleanor Cyberstar) Crazy Nurse (Freebie!)
Boots: Deco (Orchid Zenovka) Jump Boots in Gravel
Nails: [*RD*] (Rogue Falconer) Crazy Bitch Nails in Red & White (Perfect Wardrobe!)
Poses: Still Life (Gwyneth Reinard) The Beautiful Abyss

Location: Rackingham State Hospital

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Heys all! I've got a looksie at Blacklace's TGIF special as well as some new makeups. This sexy girlie lingerie is available for 99L this weekend and is transferable so if you're looking to gift someone something sexy, you definitely need to head on over and pick up this adorable little treat. I love the lace detailing but most of all, I love this little bow accentuating my round ass...ets. *Grins devilishly*

I'm also showing off these juicy lipglosses called Jelly Glosses. They are one of the newest makeup releases from Blacklace Beauty. These pretty sheer glosses come in a variety of colors perfect for any look. Since I'm sweet like sugar, I'm rocking the sugar gloss with my lingerie. Be sure to hurry on over to Blacklace and pick these up so you can have glossy lips like mine.

Style Card

Hair: Magika (Sabina Gully) Capture in Color Hud 01
Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Alecia in Ivory 01
Eyes: Ikon (Ikon Innovia) Sunrise Eyes in Bleached Blue
Makeup: Blacklace Beauty (Gemini Galatea) Jelly Lipgloss in Sugar (New!)
Lingerie: Blacklace (Mariska Simons) Zoey  Satin & Lace Bra Set (TGIF Special-99L)
Heels: N-core (Claire Messenger) Coquette in White
Poses: PNP (AnneMarit Jarvinen) Emily Pack & Badonkadonk Pack

Candy Apple

Miel had out these adorable dresses for Fifty Linden Friday. They come in three patterns and a hud so you can mix and match the tube tube with the dresses. I loved the bright solid pack so I snapped those up. I couldn't decide what color to blog though until I saw that Sweet Leonard had this new candy apple mouthie out and then I knew I was going to be blogging a look to go around this adorable little accessory and voila, here is my LOTD.

Yes, I know FLF is now over. I really did mean to finish this blog earlier but I blame boys! Yes! They always distract me. *Giggles* Anyways, as you can see, this dress is smoking hot and I did promise my wifey a more umm sexier post so I hope this does for her. If not, she can just wait for my next lingerie post. *Sticks my tongue out at Dina* Now go get this dress and this mouthie! You know you want some sweet candy!

Style Card

Hair: Truth (Truth Hawks) Aurora in Walnut
Skin: Izzie's (Izzie Button) Delusional in Sunkissed w/Cherry Lipgloss
Dress: Miel (Miel Nirvana) Playa Dress in Solid Bright (Fifty Linden Friday)
Heels: N-core (Claire Messenger) Lulu in Black (Vintage Fair)
Mouthie: LEO:NT (Lady Leonard) Candy Apple Mouthpiece (Group Gift)
Poses: aDORKable (Adorkable Peapod) Chill Dork Pack

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sex On the Beach....Or Not!

So when my wifey, Dinalya, said she was going to blog bikinis, I just had to beg her to pose with me. I saw this cutesy bikini on HolliPocket's blog that was out for GFW and just had to snap it up. I was hoping to get a little action after I saw how smokin we looked in our swimwear but alas, the wifey wasn't into it so we just posed pretty on the sand. I also snagged this hair from a new to me store called Chemistry. I like how vintagey it looks and can't wait to rock it with some more stuff I picked up at the fair. If you've never been to Chemistry before, be sure to check it out.

To see what Dinalya is wearing, go here!

Style Card

Hair: Chemistry (Kimberlee Miles) Vine in Chestnut
Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Alecia in Tan 03
Makeup: <<BB>> (CherryLips Dagastino) Sensual Shadows
Eyes: [Plastik] (Aikea Rieko) Jaded Bahemme Sugar (Subscriber Gift)
Bikini: *HolliPocket* (Holli Thespian) Teeny Kini in Dotted Vanilla (Past GFW!)
Jewerly: MG (Maxi Gossamer) Pearls in Pink
Nails: Rezipsa Loc (Rezipsa Luckstone) French Nails in Lavender

Monday, August 20, 2012

Cute & Free

Ever since I was a noob, paper.doll has always been one of my favorite stores. The store's designs are cute but sexy sort of like me. *Sticks my tongue out. I'm kidding! Well, maybe. Grins* Whenever I needed a new minidress, they were always first on my hit list of places to go. Now even though I'm not a noob, their designs always make me want to spend all my lindens there but today, I didn't have to because paper.doll is having a reopening mini hunt and has out four adorable prizes. I'm showing off the cute dresses but there is also a panty set too. These adorable little dresses are hidden in special gift bags around the store so go find them and while you're there, pick yourself up something pretty.

Style Card

Hair: Truth (Truth Hawks) Marina in Almond w/Roots (New!)
Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Alecia in Ivory 03
Dress: paper.doll (Zoey Gabardini) Strapless Sundress in Rosebuds (Free Hunt Prize!)
Heels: N-core (Claire Messenger) Coquette in Dark Brown
Jewelry: League (Nena Janus) Wanderer Jewelry Set in Wood
Bag: (ToKiD) (Maya Levane) Elephant Bag in Light

Location: Sweethearts Cove

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Titillate Me

Heys all! I got new sexiness from Blacklace to show off plus some new, fun makeups from Blacklace Beauty. I love how you can combine both of these items for hot look. This new lingerie called Titillate comes in a variety of colors and features satinlike fabric outlined with black lace. *Giggles* Hmm, wonder if that's where the store gets its name from. Kidding! The makeup I'm wearing is called the Meow Shadows and features bright eye shadow colors with a kittenish liner. Be sure to check out Blacklace for all your naughty needs!

Hair: Truth (Truth Hawks) Marina in Toffee (New!)
Skin: Izzie's (Izzie Button) Delusional in Sunkissed w/Pure Gloss
Makeup: Blacklace Beauty (Gemini Galatea) Meow Shadow in Spring (New!)
Lingerie: Blacklace (Mariska Simons) Titillate in Green (New!)
Pose Prop: Bent (Catherine Fairport) Caged Couture (Limited Bazaar!)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Chilling On the Dock

Taking cue from one of my besties today, I'm doing a relaxed look too. [trs] released these adorable mesh sweaters that casually fall off the shoulder. These comfy cardis come in 5 colors perfect for layering and relaxing the day away. Be sure to head on over to [trs] and pick up one of these babies because Fall will be here before you know it.

I picked up the new Truth hair called Marina to go with my casual look. Lately I've been loving short hair and I like the volumized feel of this one complete with the cutesy color change bow.

Finishing off my chilled look is this nicely done jewelry from {me.} that is available for this round of Perfect Wardrobe. This jewelry is called Power On, going with the nerd theme, and comes in 4 finishes so be sure to nab it if you're looking for some good accessories for a bargain price.

Well, I think it's time for me to grab a fishing pole and pull up a chair to get my relaxing on before it's too late. It's the start of my work week here so I gotta relax when I can. Have a nice weekend! Hugs!

Style Card

Hair: Truth (Truth Hawks) Marina in Toffee w/Roots (New!)
Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Alecia in Ivory 08
Sweater: [trs] (Manda Schmooz) Grandpa Cardigan in Black (New!)
Tank: Jane (Janie Marlowe) Intrinsic Tank in Pewter (Freebie)
Shorts: FA Creations (Sandie Saenz) Short Jeans
Shoes: ChaChaDee! (Lissi Krell) 1950s Heels in Reptile Black (Vintage Fair!)
Jewelry: {me.} (Melody Dominquez) Power On Rings & Necklace (Perfect Wardrobe)
Pose in 1st pic: aDorkable (Adorkable Peapod) Dapper Pack (50% Off Sale)
Pose in 2nd pic: Olive Juice (IsabellaGrace Baroque) Kate Pack (Store Closed)

Location: Sweethearts Cove

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Collabor88 LOTD

Gah! Couldn't think of a good title for this blog post so cheating a little. has out these awesome mesh jackets for this round of Collabor88 and as soon as I saw this purple color, I just had to build a LOTD around it. I paired it with this pretty owl necklace from Maxi Gossamer as well as this nicely done hair from Elikatira to give you my purple and turquoise look. I think it's a nice casual outfit so I'm sure I'll be wearing it again.

I decided to be lazy today and just give you all a teaser glimpse of a piece of my bestie's sim. This is a little cafe that she and another friend *snickers at the thought of Angel yelling about being called another friend* have designed for the sim. Just one of the fabulous spots they will have once it opens to the public. I'm so excited for both of them because they've worked very hard on this and I know it's going to be awesome. Be sure to keep an eye out for Sweethearts Cove's opening because you are definitely going to want to check out this sim.

Style Card

Hair: [e] (Elikapeka Tiramisu) Thrive in Brown 04 (Collabor88)
Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Alecia in Ivory 08
Jacket: (Darling Monday) Marie Jacket in Royal (Collabor88)
Tank: Jane (Janie Marlowe) Intrinsic Tank in Turquoise (Freebie)
Bottoms: [NV] (isiss Bade) Soley Shorts in Medium Denim
Necklace: MG (Maxi Gossamer) Jewelled Owl Necklace in Long Silver (Collabor88)
Poses: Focus Poses (Carol Kling) Nerd Sets (Perfect Wardrobe)

What Dreams May Come

Hi all! Today I was fooling around most of the day with the mirror image tools Berry blogged about the other day. I loved how cool and crisp her pics looked that I just had to give it a try. I fell in love with this absolutely breathtaking new number from *LpD* and my idea just took off from there. Since I had such an awesome night on SL tonight, I'm going to be short and just post some pics. 

I'm very happy with the way these turned out. It was fun taking these pics and I hope to get better at mirror images in the future. This kind of blogging really relaxes me. I hope everyone has a great day! <3

Style Card

Hair:!lamb (Lamb Bellic) In Heaven in Twix
Eyes: Ikon (Ikon Innovia) Sunrise Eyes in Bleached Blue
Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Alecia in Ivory 01
Dress: *LpD* (Nevery Lorakeet) Atena Dress in Blue (New!)
Feet: Slink (Siddean Munro) Mesh Feet
Pose in 1st Pic: TeaSoup (Tea Soup) (Store is Closed)
Pose in 2nd Pic: Nani (Cherry Appletor) Pinup Girl Pack (Vintage Fair!)

Location: Alirium

Monday, August 13, 2012

Revenge Of The Nerds

*Pushes up my glasses* Perfect Wardrobe is back with a Revenge of the Nerds theme and since I'm a nerd, I'm happy to show off some goodies from this round. *Giggles* There is nothing I like better than coming home from work and being a little flirty online. *Grins* And who says nerds can't be dirty girls too?

I get myself comfy on my favorite couch and log in to see who interesting is on. I don't know about you but sometimes I feel it's easier to have a little no strings attached fun online than it is off. *Winks*

As you can see, I found someone fun to talk to while I'm curled up here (Yes! I can fit perfectly on this little sofa cause I'm short. *Sticks my tongue out at my bishie, Dina*) but now it's time for me to take this fun a little place more private if you know what I mean so be sure to get your own nerd look by visiting Perfect Wardrobe because this dirty and flirty nerd is off. Muahz!

Style Card

Hair: [e] (Elikapeka Tiramisu) Garden in Red 05
Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Alecia in Ivory 08
Tank: [trs] (Manda Schmooz) Loose Tank in Flirty Nerd (Perfect Wardrobe!)
Tee: :[P]: (Aikea Rieko) Tomboy Tee in Plain Black
Panties: SOURIRES (Migueliku Avro) SPink Panties
Jeans: [Cynful] (Cynthia Ultsch) Zia Denim in Indigo
Glasses: Argyle Anonymous (Swan Ling) Nerdy Glasses
Nails: Rezipsa Loc (Rezipsa Luckstone) Raven Nails
Bag: ~Pepper~ (Danni Pfeffer) I Love Nerds Bag (Perfect Wardrobe!)
Laptop: ::::LP:::: (yani Tryce) Herro Kitty Notebook w/Coffee (Perfect Wardrobe!)
Sofa: Izzie's (Izzie Button) Nerd Love Sofa (Perfect Wardrobe!)
Pose in 1st Pic: Label Motion (anne Dakun) Lola Poses (Perfect Wardrobe!)
Pose in 3rd Pic: Fly Lily! (Melina Fetuccio) Perfect Nerd Poses (Perfect Wardrobe!)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Caress Me Tenderly

Blacklace has newness out in the form of sexy, lace lingerie called Tender Caress. This hot little number is available in a variety of colors perfect for seducing whoever your heart desires. I complimented my lingerie with one of Blacklace Beauty's Allure shadows which are a group gift right now. I know you can't see it well because we had the lights low but Gem makes the best makeup out there so you know you wanna join the group and grab these while you're picking up the lingerie.

Me and my partner, Dinalya, were feeling a little playful so we decided to dress up in celebration of a friend of ours birthday and then one thing lead to another and well, you get the idea. *Giggles* Doesn't she look hot waiting there on the bed for me? *Leans over and gives her round ass a swat*

Well, as you see she's waiting for me to get done this post so I think it's time for me to go umm play with her. XoXo readers! Don't forget go to Blacklace so you can nab someone to play with too. :D

Oh and if you want to see her way better pics, be sure to check out her blog post here.

Hair: Exile (Kavar Cleanslate) Late At Night in Maple
Skin: Izzie's (Izzie Button) Beth in Sunkissed w/Pure Gloss
Lingerie: Blacklace (Mariska Simons) Tender Caress in Red or Teal (Depends on what you like! ;D)
Makeup: Blacklace Beauty (Gemini Galatea) Allure Shadows in Steel (Group Gift)
Pearls: Gossamer (Maxi Gossamer) Pearl Necklace Singles in Black

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oh Angela

Bubblez Design just released this cute little mesh dress that comes with a bangle bracelet. I like to feel a little girly sometimes. *Coughs! I blame it on my partner cause she's always girly or as I like to refer to her as prissy and sometimes I think it rubs off on me*  This flirty little number is available for only 199L so be sure to head on over and snatch up this pretty little number.

Hair: Exile (Kavar Cleanslate) Break Away in Cayenne
Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Alecia in Ivory 08
Outfit & Bangle: BB (milo Bubble) Angela Ruffle Dress (New!)
Heels: Label Mode (Label Mode) Betley Heels in Onyx
Earrings: :[P]: (Aikea Rieko) Swindler Earrings in Leather (Fashion Voodoo!)
Pose: Focus Poses (Carol Kling) Model Poses 87  (Vanity Fair)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Vanity is Calling

Heys all! Just a little post to show off this pretty skin that's a new release from Mirror's Enigma. This skin named Vanity comes in 3 colors but I liked the glowy feel of the tan so I'm showing that off with two makeups that you can nab. Also included in the pack are three nail polish layers and two sets of eyes. Yay for extras!  If you're looking for a new skin, be sure to check out Mirror's Enigma.

Oh, and check out this cute chair and wall art I picked up from What Next. It's their Homestuff Hunt prize and is so nicely done. There are about 8 poses in the chair that you can use plus some fun little props. Yay for hunts. *Giggles* As you can see, it's a yay day! Anyways, if you haven't checked out this hunt yet, be sure to because there are some awesome prizes to be had.

 Style Card

Hair: Wasabi Pills (MissAllSunday Lemon) Veronica in Gingerbread (Vintage Fair!)
Skin: [:ME:] (Ydreece Forster) Vanity Skin in Tan
Eyes: Ikon (Ikon Innovia) Sunrise Eyes in Light Hazel
Top: Ingenue (Betty Doyle) Pippa in Kelly (Fifty Linden Fridays!)
Bottoms: FIR & MNA (Rob1977 Moonites) The 1977 Jeans in Dark Wash
Feet: Slink (Siddean Munro) Mesh Feet in Large
Pose: Label Motion (anne Dakun) Nuria Pose Pack
Decor: {what next} (Winter Thorn) Kendal Occasional Chair & Prints (Homestuff Hunt!)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm Not The One Who's So Far Away

Hi readers! I've got some goodies to show you that will be available at the upcoming Fashion Voodoo event on August 10th by Plastik. Plastik's releases for this event have blown me away. I'm loving this pinstriped skirt so much I don't ever want to take it off. They also have a dress, earrings, and another top and skirt out exclusive for the event so be sure to check out their booth at this event.

In other news, today is a good picture taking day for me. As some of you know, I'm my worst critic and usually wind up hating the pictures I take. Today was an exception though and I'm sooooo happy with the way these turned out. I partially think it's due to this awesome sim. It's called Redemption Hill and if you're looking for an eerie place to take pictures, you should check this one out because it's so well done and there are plenty of interesting areas to take shots at. It's definitely in my top 10 fave sims on the grid and I'm absolutely certain you'll love it too!

Style Card

Hair: Shag (Sebastien Aries) Pussy Galore in Butterscotch w/Roots
Skin: Izzie's (Izzie Button) Delusional in Sunkissed
Eyes: Mons (Ekilem Melodie) Shocking Eyes in Cold
Top: :[P]: (Aikea Rieko) Trickster in Painted (Fashion Voodoo!)
Skirt: :[P]: (Aikea Rieko) Misfit in Pinstripe (Fashion Voodoo!)
Necklace: Kosh (Lynaja Bade) Hangman Necklace (Past Hunt Prize)
Bracelets: insanya (Tatyana Ultsch) Zed is Dead Baby in Black
Feet & Flips: Slink (Siddean Munro) Aussie Thongs in Black
Poses: Embody (Radagast Lexington) Rapunzel Poses

Location: Redemption Hill

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Put A Quarter In The Jukebox

I really wanted to listen to some music tonight and just dance to some good tunes so I stuck a quarter in this jukebox and chilled back for a few letting the music flow through me until the jukebox just abruptly stopped for no reason. What's a girl to do when that happens but give it a few kicks in hopes that it goes back on so that's exactly what I did and voila, it worked again.

This fun little jukebox prop is available at Vintage Fair and is by Nani Poses. It's got four poses guaranteed to get you up on your feet enjoying the music. Well, up on your feet anyways. If you're looking for a new fun prop, be sure to check this one out.

P.S. Isn't the little tee I'm wearing so cute? It's simply done and versatile for any look and available in a variety of colors and in a striped option too. Oh, and it's new and by so make sure you go nab it.

Style Card

Hair: Shag (Sebastien Aries) Bombshell in Butterscotch
Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Alecia in Ivory 08
Top: (Darling Monday) Ballet Tee in Black (New!)
Bottoms: DeeTalez (Steffi Villota) Capri Jeans in Light Blue
Glasses: :: PM :: (Poulet Koenkamp) Dorothy Cat Eye Glasses
Pose Prop: Nani Poses (Cherry Appletor) Hanging At The Diner (New @Vintage Fair!)

Teenage Dream

*Sings* "You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream!" Well, my teen years are long gone and sadly there is no one in my SL that makes me feel that way but this new outfit from Barbie Bitch called Teenage Dream might just be the fix for that. This fun little number comes complete with a mesh top, smexy pants with lace detail at the bottom and some clunky shoes that compliment the rest of the look perfectly. It comes in 3 colors so if you want a brighter look, be sure to check out Barbie Bitch to see the other offerings.

I'm also rocking the newest group gift skinnie from Filthy. August's offering comes complete with neutral makeup and parted lips. If you aren't a member of this group, I suggest you join it now! Every month, there is a new gift and it's only 199L to join so it really can't be beat. I paired it with another pair of eyes from Ikon that are also an August gift and out for a short time. I love how the light reflects off of Ikon's eyes so much and the owner is so generous in placing out a gift for his free to join group every month. It's definitely another group worth joining if you have the space.

Style Card

Hair: [e] (Elikapeka Tiramisu) Return in Brown 04
Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Aug. GGF in Cream (Group Gift)
Eyes: Ikon (Ikon Innovia) Sunrise Eyes in Bleached Gold (Group Gift)
Liner: <<BB>> (CherryLips Dagostino) Fanfare Liner 01
Outfit: <<BB>> (CherryLips Dagostino) Teenage Dream in Licorice (New!)
Tattoo: Vestigium (Lu Scorpio) Candy World in Medium (50L Sale!)
Bracelets: A.M.K.R. (marilyn Mistwallow) Gift Bangles (Freebie!)
Nails: Rezipsa Loc (Rezipsa Luckstone) Raven Nails
Poses: Label Motion (anne Dakun) Paola Pack (Perfect Wardrobe)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tickle the Ivories

*Skims my fingers across the piano keys enjoying the sound they make* Vintage Fair opened yesterday and as soon as I saw this beautiful satin dress with lace embroidery from Bonne Chance, I knew it had to be mine. It's the kind of nostalgic clothing I love, sexy yet sophisticated, so it found its way in to my inventory and I haven't taken it off since.

I paired it with this gorgeous Veronica Lake inspired hair that Wasabi Pills has out for the event. Since I've been rocking these pretty turquoise eyes that are the newest giftie from Ikon, I figured I'd make sure they really popped against the ivory of this dress so I'm rocking this hair in red. I love the combined effect so much and just wanna stay like this forever. *Giggles*

Now who wants to play me a melody? You really didn't think I knew how to play, did you? *Winks*

Style Card

Hair: Wasabi Pills (MissAllSunday Lemon) Veronica in Cinnamon (Vintage Fair)
Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Alecia in Ivory 08
Eyes: Ikon (Ikon Innovia) Horizon Eyes in Dark Turquoise (Group Gift)
Liner: Blacklace Beauty (Gemini Galatea) Cat Eyeliner
Dress: BCC (vitamingirl Resident) Amour Dress in Ivory (Vintage Fair)
Shoes: (Darling Monday) Basic Flats in Cream
Jewelry: League (Nena Janus) Pearl & Lace Set in Pastels

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Flowery With XYROOM!

XYROOM is back with a brand new round and there is lots to be had from shapes to jewelry to poses to clothes, you'll find a little something for everyone. Once I saw this flirty floral patterned dress from NCparis Design, I knew I'd be doing a girly look. I paired it with this skin from Panda Punx that has a girly pink lipstick and smokey eyes to bring you my XYROOM LOTD. If you want to see more from this fabulous event, be sure to hurry on over and check it out.

I grabbed this semi new hair from Burley. Somehow Burley always sneaks under my radar but I saw this one on the feeds and figure it's going to work for upcoming looks so I had to grab it. I love how soft and feminine it makes me feel. I decided to go softer with my WL and downloaded Gogo's WLs. I love this misty feel of this one so it's a keeper. Gotta love when talented bloggers make WLs for the rest of us!

Style Card

Hair: Burley (Bella Earst) Elizabeth in Brown 06 (Newish!)
Skin: Panda Punx (Lluna Nitely) Nora Skin (New @XYROOM)
Dress: NCparis Design (Narcisssia McMahon) Ruffle Dress (New @XYROOM)
Shoes: [PM] (Tya Fallingbridge) Baby T's in Black
Necklace: MG (Maxi Gossamer) Pearls in Black
Poses: Label Motion (anne Dakun) Paola Pack (Perfect Wardrobe)

It's A Sweet Fantasy: A Vintage Fair Looksie

Heys all! I've got loads of goodies to show off tonight from your favorite fantasy inspired store, Plastik. The pretty leather corset and yummy eyes are a sneak peek and going to be for sale at the upcoming Vintage Fair and the fabulous horns are a new release. I'm not usually the type to run around with horns on but when I tried these on, I was blown away by all the different HUD options there were for customization. The well done horns also come with the optional circlet that includes its very own HUD so if you're big on fantasy items, you'll definitely want to nab these babies.

I'm also showing off this pretty boho skirt from Death Row Designs. I was looking for a cream colored skirt initially and my girlie, Whisper, told me this store had some cute skirts so of course, I took her word for it and went to see for myself. I was blown away with all of the different options and the price couldn't be beat. Surprisingly, they had this pretty multicolored one that went perfectly with my new corset so bam, it was fate! If you're into boho goodies, go check out these pretty skirts because as you can see, they are super duper cute.

Style Card

Hair: [e] (Elikapeka Tiramisu) Claim 2 in Brown 04
Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Alecia in Ivory 08
Eyes: :[P]: (Aikea Rieko) Vaele Mesh Eyes in Blanche (Vintage Fair)
Horns: :[P]: (Aikea Rieko) Arachzis Horns in Wraithe w/Circlet (New!)
Corset: :[P]: (Aikea Rieko) Daunting Fate Corset in Pink (Vintage Fair)
Skirt: DRD (Jaimy Hancroft) Boho Skirt in Multicolor Goldblue (New!)
Bangles: Izzie's (Izzie Button) Wood Bangles in Brown
Poses: !bang (Trieste Minuet) Stands 130-139

Location: Alurel

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's My Slumber Party & I'll Cry If I Wanna

So Perfect Wardrobe has a sleepover theme this round and I thought it'd be the perfect excuse to have a fun time with my SL bestie, Dina, so I invited her over for makeovers and pillow fights and some other activities.  *Winks*

But as you can see, Dina was a little busy. She kept getting *ahem* business calls so I jumped on her bed and waited patiently for her to finish up. Finally, I got tired of being ignored so I decided to text her and tell her to come play with me.

Well, she must have realized that I was getting antsy for some fun times because she finally put down that damn phone and showed off her sexy panties to me. As you can see, it was worth the wait! *Giggles*

Style Card

Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Alecia in Ivory 03 (Newish!)
Hair: [e] (Elikapeka Tiramisu) Quirky in Brown 04
Lingerie: Izzie's (Izzie Button) Sweet Dreams Lingerie in Pink (Perfect Wardrobe)
Socks: Sweetartz (Whisper Mizin) Oh Mai Falling Socks in White (Perfect Wardrobe)
Necklace: Bens Beauty (Snow Martiel) Slipper Love Necklace (Perfect Wardrobe)
Glasses: Je Suis (Julia Merosi) Charmante Glasses in Pink (Perfect Wardrobe)
Owies: Delusions (Whisper Mizin) I Gotsa BooBoo Knee Pack (Perfect Wardrobe)
Prop: Dinalya Dawes :p Sorry, I don't know what she's wearing.