Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Let It Go

Hey all! I'm back from my RL vacation and mini blogging vacation. I hope you've missed me. I decided to change my priorities in SL a little and just have fun so blogging took a back burner for awhile but I'm back. You see, I was getting caught up in the game and taking things too seriously. I trusted people over the past year whom I now know I shouldn't have trusted and was hurt numerous times by people I considered to be my best friends inworld. I've made the choice to become selfish and only do things for myself in the future. It's sad that I have to change who I am in order to mentally survive in a virtual world but sometimes I guess change is for the good so here is to hoping. When I first joined SL, I was looking for a place to escape the seriousness of my RL but over the past year, SL has brought me more drama and grief than RL ever brings me. I don't want negativity online and yes, I know that I am responsible for some of it but it's not who I am or who I ever want to be. I feel sorry for those who let it consume them and eat away at their hearts and hope someday they can get to this very place where I am at. Since it's the start of a new year, I'm using this time to let it go and forget about the past. I hope you all use this time to do something that makes you happy and brightens up your life as well.

Now onto blogging stuff! Once again, I've decided to enter The Arcade photo contest. I love gachas and the thrill of attaining that precious rare you must have plus the warm feeling in my heart when I surprise my friends with a little gift that I've picked up from them so of course, The Arcade is my favorite SL event. I love how whimsical the designers get with their creations each round and always wind up picking up more than I need. The last few rounds I've realized that I could use my stuff to make pictures and enter the contest dreaming of winning so that's what I did. When Dead Dollz released this breathtakingly beautiful Frozen inspired dress at their store, I decided I wanted to do a snow fairy look with all my Arcade goodies so voila this is the picture.

Finally, my location today is at the Louisiana SIM and I'd like to thank Zaidee Frost for allowing me to come rez all my stuffs and terrorize her land. Zaidee designed this beautiful winter SIM for a winter charity ball that went off this weekend raising 23K in lindens for an AIDS foundation. The SIM is fabulous and rez is on so you can rez fun little props to take pictures if you promise to clean up after yourself. You should definitely check it out as it's open until January 5th and while you're there, be sure to donate a little money to the cause at one of the many donation boxes that decorate the SIM.

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Wintery Friends

Hey all! Long time no see! I've been a little busy with work and super tired the last few nights so I haven't had the chance to blog but I wanted to show off these adorable friend themed poses that Nani has out for Winter Trend. This event features lots of wintery cuteness and runs till December 13th so be sure to check it out. I absolutely fell in love with these chipmunk poses called Snuggly. They come with two attachable chipmunks just perfect for a wintery friend look.

And if you're into human friends more, Nani also has out a cute couples pose that I think works perfectly with friend pics as well called Snug. I grabbed one of my wives to pose pretty with me to show it off. Say hi to Jordan everyone! Yes, she's wife #3 but I love her just as much as the others. :D

Finally, if you haven't been to The Main Event yet, there is still a little bit of time to check it out. It's open till the 14th and you can find this cozy sweater from Sysy's there. Well, I think I'm gonna go tackle Jordan now and smush some snow in her pretty face. Catch you later all! <3

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Look At the Main Event

Hey all! I know that everyone is preoccupied with The Arcade right now but if you can't get into it or are waiting for it to die down a little, why don't you check out The Main Event? Featuring 25 of Second Life's best stores, this event focuses on bringing traffic into the mainstores. The designers made two items that go together with one for sale at their mainstore and the other at the Main Event location. This event runs till December 14th so there is plenty of time to go but once you see these goodies I've got to show off to you, you will want to head on over ASAP!

My favorite item from this event has got to be these Christmas trees from Sanctuaire. These trees are very unique because they come natural and then you can choose the decorations that go on them. It's like SL's version of decorating a tree. There is even a HUD that allows you to control the whether you want your tree lights blinking or not. This tree comes in two versions, white and color, so be sure to pick out which one you love best.

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