Blogger Survey Results

These are the results from a little survey I made a bit ago. I had about 50 responders who were nice enough to anonymously give me their opinions on what they like about certain blogs. I hope these results help new bloggers as well as older ones. 

1. In your opinion, do shadows matter for blogging pictures? 73.5%  of responders said no.
2. Do you prefer blog posts done on a plain background or at a Second Life location? 72.5% of responders said a Second Life location. 
3. Which do you prefer: the store's url or the designer's name listed in the style credits? 44.3% of responders said either is fine as long as one is listed and 38.6% would prefer the url. 
4. How many posts per items released would you want from your official bloggers? 58.6% of responders said N/A and 27.1% would like to see 1 item blogged for every 3 items sent. 
5. Do you prefer photos that are edited or unedited? 60.9% of responders said either is fine as long as their item is shown clearly, 20.3% prefer unedited and 18.8% prefer edited.  
6. Do you prefer look book blogs or feature blogs?75,4% of responders like both the same, 13% like look book blogs, and 13% like feature blogs.
7. Any other comments that you think would be helpful to SL bloggers. 

Yay blogs!!!
Clean and simple as possible and that the item is shown clearly. That's really all I look for in reading blogs and posting in my blog.
In regard to #3, it's helpful if the slurl is available embedded in the designer name, especially if the place has moved recently or the store doesn't show up in search.
I like pics taken on plain backgrounds AND in world... I think they can tell stories, but sometimes the drama of a solid background is nice, too. Also, I am fine with just a store name being listed as long as the items are credited in some way. I don't blame bloggers for not doing slurls (and I don't) simply because many stores move frequently.
you're fab, that's all :) xx
I think if a blogger heavily edits photos they should state it in their blog because it can effect how things look.
Over editing pictures so that the item doesn't look like it does in SL annoys me. If you have to edit something in PS to make it look good - what is the point in blogging it.
I think the biggest change that could be made to help overall positive change is for people to start minding their own business. If someone does it a bit different than you, so what? It's their blog. If you're a designer, make your requirements clear, and have that be that. Cut the rest, and you cut the drama.
Good job :}
I wish more people who took on location photos in SL would list the location of the photo. There are some beautiful sims to be discovered
I like some text. I want to get to know the blogger through their blog, to have some personality come through. Look books are like looking though a catalog. Interesting for a second, but not for much more. They are forgettable.
You are awesome!
Say something about the item, not just pictures and credits!
I personally really don't care for photos that are so overly edited that you can't even see what the item is supposed to properly look like inworld. It's annoying.
I prefer when items are clearly visible. Not edited maniacally, not shadowed to death. Visible. I want to see it as it will appear for me inworld.
Make sure that if you are featuring an item on your blog, don't have anything distracting, hiding, or overpowering it. The viewer needs to see what you are showing clearly.
Stop with the heavily edited pictures. Learn how to make images the proper size for the feeds!!! Leave the special characters out of the text. DO NOT center the text through the entire post.
I think every blogger should blog anything any way they want. Blogger police are shallow and mean

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