Sunday, July 31, 2011


This past week, I've hit more shopping events and stores than I'd ever thought was possible. I blame my new blogging job at which I love by the way. I've learned about so many stores and found some really cute items. I was kindly invited to the Taste of Second Life Bloggers group and got so many cute review items that I started showing off the other day but I wanted to show another today plus the newest group giftie from Delusions. This weekend, the theme is Freestylin' for TOSL and I guess that's what I am doing today since my items are from a bunch of different places. Anyways, on with the pics!

First, I have to talk about this purty dress I got from stickyfingers. Stickyfingers is a new store to me but their style reminds me of how I'm most comfy on Second Life. Before blogging, I'd usually run around in a cute mini and heels and this adorable minidress available in 6 colors for 100 lindens each just fits the bill of my past style perfectly so it was nice to get back in touch with the old Kis. I felt bad the other day when I showed off these Baby Monkey heels called Melissa because I felt the pics didn't do them justice so here is a closeup of the stilettos so you get a better idea of what they look like.

Finally, I topped this look off with this cool tattoo called Pretty Little Liar that is the newest group giftie at Delusions. Be sure to join their subscriber group to receive this. It comes in two different tones: fresh and faded and although I'm not a liar, I just thought it was too cute. I am also showing off this little froggie condom that I picked up at a gatcha festival. I thought it was the one at the ALBERO Summer Gatcha Festival but it's just one that is similar. Initially I thought it was cute but then someone pointed out that it was aimed at kids and a little creepy so now I'm having mixed feelings on it.

If you'd like to see more pics from either the ALBERO Summer Gatcha Festival or TOSL, be sure to check out my postings here. Hugz and Kissez!

Style Card

Hair: MAGIKA (Sabina Gully) Luna in Blonde
Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Alexandra in Fair 07* (NEW!!)
Dress: :STICKY FINGERS: (Michell Tomsen) My Sexy Blue Dress* (TOSL-Freestylin')
Tattoo: .::Delusions::. (Whisper Mizin) Pretty Little Liar (New Group Gift)
Mouthie: Meow.Style (Eln Alter) Frog Rubber
Shoes: Baby Monkey (Pixieplumb Flanagan) Ultimate Melissa in White* (TOSL -Freestylin')
Poses: GLITTERATI (Katey Coppola) Long Hair 3

*Review Items

Friday, July 29, 2011

A TOSL Preview

Hi all! I'm giving you a little preview of some of the fabulous items that will be placed on sale Saturday at 12:00 A.M. for TOSL. This week's theme is Freestylin so that means there is a little something for everybody. The things I've gotten my hands on so far are beautifully done and range from furniture to jewelry.

First, I have to talk about this beautiful couch that will be available at Dreamscapes Art Gallery. It's country styled and comes with both single and couple poses. I love the texturing, so realistic, and the accessories that come with it (Not pictured) match so perfectly.

I also managed to get a peek at this soft and comfy off the shoulder top in Lilac that will be out at Izzie's. If you've never been to Izzie's and you like comfortable yet stylish clothing, Izzie's is for you. I paired my new top with this totally cute wishbone necklace from Collisions and some sexy stilettos from Baby Monkey (sorry you really can't see them but they have a lot of options so definitely worth looking at) to complete my relaxing look.

As I said, all of these items are upcoming Taste of Second Life sales so be sure to get ready for some late night bargain hunting. You certainly don't want to pass these deals up!


Style Card

Couch: Dreamscapes Art Gallery (Carlotta Ceawlin) *Country Charm* Couch* (Upcoming TOSL)
Top: Izzie's (Izzie Button) Off Shoulder Top in Lilac* (Upcoming TOSL)
Bottoms: -Phoenix Rising- (Ashoka Eales) Mona Pants in White
Necklace: .:CoLL:. (Guenevere DeCuir) Wish Me Luck Necklace* (Upcoming TOSL)
Heels: BM (Pixieplumb Flanagan) Ultimate Melissa* (Upcoming TOSL)
House: (TLND) (Via Tereshchenko) My First House (PouPee Hunt)

ALBERO Summer Gatcha Festival

About a week ago, I started blogging for a blog that covers all of the shopping events on Second Life. Or we try to at least! *Giggles* Due to computer glitches one of the other bloggers was having, I was asked to cover the ALBERO Summer Gatcha Festival. There is so much adorableness to be had from the gatchas at this event that I just wanted to play them all. Anyways, check out my pics showing off all of the fun items that are being sold at this discounted and fun festival.

                    ALBERO Summer Gatcha Festival

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Alexandra (New @ Filthy)

Filthy skins released a new skin called Alexandra today. Alexandra is available at 50% off to group members until July 31st so zoom on over and pick her up. She comes in 6 tones and 8 makeups. All skin tone packs include 2 different cleavage layer options as well as the shape so it's definitely a bargain.

Alexandra in Ivory 01-06

                                          Alexandra in Ivory 07-08

I love how Alexandra (the owner of Filthy, not the skin itself) has a variety of different options in her skin packs. From bright and cute bubblegum makeup to smokey and sexy eyes, the choices are abound with Filthy Skins so if you've never been over to her store, you should definitely make it a point to. As well as providing her new releases for 50% off to group members, there is a group gift every month that is well worth the group fee of 199 lindens. What are you waiting for? Tp on over to Filthy Skins and pick up the lovely Alexandra (the skin, not the owner :D)!

Style Card

Skin: :F: Alexandra in Ivory 01-08* (NEW!! 50% Off till July 31st for group)
Hair: [Shag] (Sebastien Aries) Bombshell in Caramel
Tattoo: .::Delusions::. (Whisper Mizin) Text Smileys

*Review Item

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Project Themeory Preview - The Sea Hole

The Sea Hole is participating in Project Themeory this week and I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of this adorable jumper that is the item that'll be up for grabs. Manoa is its name and it's so well done that I can't even tell where the sculpties start. Manoa will be available in 6 colors but I just have to show off this vibrant blue color appropriately called Lagoon. Be sure to mark your calender for this week's Project Themeory "Welcome to the Jungle".

Style Card

Jumpsuit: The Sea Hole (Drinkinstein Sorbet) Manoa Sunsuit in Lagoon* (Upcoming Project Themeory)
Bag: [label mode] (Label Mode) Cake Handbag in Yellow
Sunglasses: [BedlaM] (Seatyn Magic) Sunglasses
Hair: !lamb. (Lamb Bellic) Isolation in Butterfinger
Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Ana.Pale in Rouge*
Bracelet: MIEL (Miel Nirvana) CHUM Bracelet (Group Gift)
Poses: Miamai (Mavi Beck) Model Poses

*Review Items

Ox Hunt Starts in 4 1/2 Days!

For those of you who don't know it, the Ocio Xtreme Hunt will be starting on August 1st and running till August 21st. This hunt is not your typical hunt because it's the first hunt created by a group of bloggers. The hunt focuses on Quality instead of Quanity and features a lot of fabulous stores such as Cynful, Spirit Store, Sorry Asia, HolliPocket, Pekka, Stakey, Acide, Props N Poses, and Jesylilo.

I also have to give a shoutout to the fabulous organizers of this hunt: JoniDk Tyran, Jim Ghoststar, OscarCs Miami, Ciara Ellisson, SarinsRS84 Inaka, Belen Ackland, Daniela Pherala, Darkangel Selona, AlexByron Davidov and Makamara Resident. It takes a lot of time and hard work to create such an awesome hunt so they deserve some applause.

Now mark your calendars and get ready to hunt because with stores like those listed above, you're sure not gonna wanna miss out!

Ocio Xtreme Hunt Blog

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New @ MiMo Couture

MiMo Couture is releasing this adorable summery outfit on July 31st. Everything worn is included. This means sandals, sunglasses, top, shorts, and a cute mouth flower (not shown). I just love the bright color and semi casual look of this outfit. The sandals are pretty well made and the skin hud matched my tone perfectly. This doesn't happen much in Second Life for me so it made for a very happy Kis. If you've never checked out MiMo Couture, I suggest you pop on over on July 31st and pick up this adorable outfit when it's released.

While checking out what other bloggers were talking about, I stumbled across Dreamer's Virtual World, a blog about freebies and cheapies. She mentioned that Chain and Vine had a beautfiully done skin in their group notices so I joined on up and picked up this absolutely stunning skin called Lael. Lael is available in 4 tones I believe and 3 brow options and is 100% free. That's right, this gorgeous skin doesn't require you paying a group fee to join. There is also a cute gypsy like outfit in the past notices so join Chain and Vine's group.

Oh, and I gotta give a shoutout to PNP for all of the poses shown in these pics. I stopped over today and ravaged their hunt gifties. So many cute poses for free so hurry over and find these before they are gone! Well, this blogger is out! XoXo, Kis!

Style Card

Complete Outfit - MiMo Couture (MiMoCouture Resident) Demi in Turquoise (Available July 30th)*
Hair - TRUTH (Truth Hawks) Becky in Honey (Truth District Group)
Skin - Chain and Vine (Lyric Demina) Lael in Tone 3 (Group Gift)
Poses - PNP (AnneMarit Jarvinen) Various Hunt Poses (Free through hunts)

*Review Item

Blog Hero Challege Week 1: Crying In The Rain

So many of you know about the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge started by Luna Jubilee but recently a blogger I follow, Shayariel Teardrop, started Blog Hero Challenge. You get new lyrics every week and you take a picture based on your interpretation of the song. I think it's a good idea since I love music and it doesn't limit you so here is my picture for this week's Blog Hero Challenge, Crying In the Rain. Oh please forgive me, this is my first time trying to do a rain effect in GIMP so it's not the best picture of mine.

Blog Hero Challenge

Hair: !Lamb Isolation in Kit Kat
Top: Victoria Tank (Marketplace Freebie)
Bottoms: *FIR & MNA* The Hangover Pants

Sunday, July 24, 2011

PouPee Hunt Goodies

While visiting the store Tokidoki, I noticed that they were involved in a hunt called the PouPee Hunt so I picked up their prize which is a purse. Yes, you know how I love Tokidoki purses! Although I'm not featuring the purse today, I still have to show off three beautiful outfits I picked up courtesy of this hunt. If you'd like to see some more goodies from the PouPee Hunt, check out their blog!

Style Card

Dress - bonne chance! (vitamingirl Resident) Marine Dress (PouPee Hunt)
2nd Dress - *~PS~* (mimify Loon) Cotton Mini (PouPee Hunt)
Romper - :pesca: (tsugu Nirvana) Linen Romper (PouPee Hunt)
Necklace - {*I<3 Fashi0n*} (PaTTy90 Paule) Ship in a Bottle (PouPee Hunt)
Poses - (marukin) (Valencia Southard) Nana (PouPee Hunt)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

New @ Angel

Angel Hair has released 4 new female hairs. I'm going to show you 3 of them. The first is only available at Grunge Soul Project for the discount price of 99 lindens and the other two can be found at Angel Hair's mainstore. Waga comes in four shades. Shown here is Soil. Isn't she cute? I love the not pulled through pigtails that are slightly off skew. Kind of gives my av a youthful looks, don't you agree?

Next up is another pigtail style that isn't so messy. Layla, shown in Blonde is available for 225 lindens at the mainstore. I love the color changeable headband and length of this style.

Finally, I'm going to show off my favorite of Angel Hair's newest releases. Michelle is a braided updo that just screams sophistication in a unique way. I'll definitely be wearing this one when I go for my girly looks. Well, this blogger is off. Be sure to stop by Angel Hair or GSP and pick up one of these cute dos.

Style Card

1st pic: Hair: Angel (DJAngei Fallen)  Waga in Soil (99L @ GSP!!)*
2nd pic: Hair: Angel (DJAngei Fallen) Layla in Blonde (NEW!!)*
3rd pic: Hair: Angel (DJAngei Fallen)  Michelle in Caramel (NEW!!)*
All pics:

Top: ::C'est La Vie!:: (Larcoco Mathy) Lovin' Tunic in Chamois (Group Gift)
Skin: ::F:: (Alexandra Barcelos) Jolie in Ivory 06*
Jeans: *FIR & MNA* (Rob1977 Moonites) The 1977 Jeans in Dark Wash
Bracelet: MIEL (Miel Nirvana) Chum Bracelet (Subscriber Gift)
Bag: (ToKiD) Elephant Bag

*Review Items

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Grenade Free Wednesday Look

Today, I went visiting the Jersey Shore sim. The last time I was there, it was a seaside town reminiscent of Ocean City or Seaside Heights, New Jersey but I recently found out that the previous owner had left Second Life and that Holli Thespian of Holli Pocket is the new owner. Doesn't matter though because most of the stores are still the same and she's picked up quite a few new vendors whom I absolutely love. It looks like the Jersey Shore will remain a one stop shopping spot for me especially on Wednesdays because I absolutely enjoy a good sale and Grenade Free Wednesdays features one select item from each of the Jersey Shore stores for under 75 lindens.

Since the sim is in transition, not all of the stores had Grenade Free Wednesday items out but I managed to snag this soft cotton koala bear tank top that could double as a short dress. I paired it with my favorite black joggers from KHUSH and decided to show off these laid back poses I picked up from Lauria. If you haven't been over to check out the new additions to the Grenade Free Wednesday sale, you definitely should because these are just a few of the many stores that have been setting up shop: paper.doll, Filthy, Glue Ink, Lauria, Holli Pocket, Cynful, Plastik, Razorblade Jacket, Croire, etc. Have a happy humpday!

Style Card

Top: LMD (Leri Miles) Zulah Koala (Grenade Free Wednesdays)
Bottoms: KHUSH (Liess Paine) Comfi Pants in Black
Hair: [LeLutka] (Thora Charron) Angela in SoySauce
Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Jolie in Ivory 01
Shoes: Arena (Kela Collas) Black Flip Flops (Marketplace Only)
Poses: [Lauria] (Lisanna Lauria) Tres Basic (Grenade Free Wednesdays)

Newness @ Bubblez & PNP

Ok, I admit it. I'm guilty of doing a double feature here but both these items go so well together so I must. First, let me talk about the newest release from Bubblez Design called Sona. Sona is a ruffled gingham short dress with lace trim that reminds me of something a grownup version of Little Red Riding Hood would wear. She comes in this lovely mint green color with a silver belt buckle and is available at a promo price of 75 lindens until July 31st so hurry over to Bubblez Designs and check out this cute number before it's too late.

Now, every Little Red Riding Hood must travel through the woods to get to Grammy's house so I just have to mention the newest group giftie from Props N Poses. AnneMarit (owner of PNP) told me that there is nothing she finds more relaxing than traveling to beautiful sims and taking pictures of them to create backgrounds for the store. She decided to play around with the lighting of this particular sim to see what she came up with and I just have to say that all backgrounds in this pack are absolutely stunning. The lighting she used ranges from bright and colorful to dark and shadowy. This background pack is available as a group gift at PNP so join the group and pick up another generous gift from the store. You won't be disappointed.

Oh, one more thing! I just have to show off a closeup of the newest group gift from Al Vulo because I used it in these pics. Nilpez is its name and she's an exotic beauty so if you're not a member of this group too, it's another one to add to your list. Well, I'm off to bed. Nini Second Life! XoXo!

The Goodies

Outfit: Bubblez Design (milo Bubble) Sona Outfit (75L until July 31st!)*
Skin: Al Vulo (Hlin Bluebird) Nilpez Orange Kauai in Olive (Group Gift)
Hair: >TRUTH< (Truth Hawks) Becky in Espresso (Truth District Gift)
Eyes: =HooT= (Averie Larnia) Beachball Eyes (Seasons Hunt)
Backgrounds: PNP (AnneMarit Jarvinen) Lighting Fun Pack (Group Gift)

*Review Item

Monday, July 18, 2011

Some Seasons Hunt Stuffs - Part Two

Hi readers! I've got more goodies from The Seasons Hunt to show you. Some cute bikinis, an outfit, and some awesome props. See for yourself!

Hair: [Shag] Hearts Flutter in Mocha (Seasons Hunt)
Top: [YU] Keegan Striped Tank in Green (Seasons Hunt)
Bottoms: [NSD] Tour Boat Shorts (Seasons Hunt)
Prop: [kusshon] Summer Dream Boat (Seasons Hunt)

Skin: :DP: Sheena 1*
Bikini: (Milk Motion) My Itsi Bitsi Bikini (Seasons Hunt)
House: Tee*fy Beach Shack (Seasons Hunt)
Furniture: LISP Bazaar TuttiFruti Deck Chair, Cushion, & Pics (Seasons Hunt)

Bikini: Doppelganger Inc. Ikat Bikini (Seasons Hunt)
Hair: [kik] Nina in Black
Prop: GLITTERATI Summer swing (Seasons Hunt)
Eyes: NANUK Li Eyes Homber (Seasons Hunt)

Oh, and I have to talk for a few minutes about the skin I'm wearing in the 2nd and 3rd pics. It's by the newest skin store to hit the grid, Devine Perfection. Sheena was dropped to me in four different makeups but I gotta admit that I'm loving Sheena 1 the best. Sheena has pink dewy cheekbones, an even tone throughout and chiseled abs. Can you say yum? I feel like I went to the virtual gym and did a million crunches. *Giggles* I'm loving the light rose lips and eye makeup and if you're after some darker makeup, be sure to check out one of the other makeups available here!

                                    Close Up of Sheena 1

* Review Item

Some Seasons Hunt Stuffs - Part One

As most of you know, The Seasons Hunt - Summer started the other day and although fashion blogs have been abuzz with previews of the prizes, I just have to start showing off all of the looks I put together so here is my favorite:

Be on the lookout for more goodies that I'll be featuring from The Seasons Hunt-Summer! Store location links can be found here!

Style Card

Skin: -[AddiCt]- RAIA/Sunkissed-Summer/DBrows (Seasons Hunt)
Hair: Magika Luna (Mirrored) in Blonde Pack
Eyes: .ID. Summertime Reflections in Green (Seasons Hunt)
Dress: -paper.doll - Aria (Seasons Hunt)
Shoes: DECO - Meadow Flats in Olive (Seasons Hunt)
Bag: !Ohmai Sun Pouch (Seasons Hunt)
Bracelet: CONCRETE FLOWERS - Beach Bracelet (Seasons Hunt)
Poses: Olive Juice - Beach Bodies (Seasons Hunt) & A Bag Hold animation

Friday, July 15, 2011


Today I received the nicest IM asking me to blog a store I've never heard of before. I was very touched by the IM but was a little hesitant to blog the items they sent me. I was happily surprised to find out that the item I was dropped was a very sexy minidress with a plunging neckline, super low sides, and some sexy leather boots. I've never heard of MiMo Couture but this semi-naughty dress will be released on July 23rd  in 6 colors so you should definitely pop on over to MiMo Couture and get your sexy back.

I also have to talk about the newest release from Props N Poses. I've been looking for some sexy rear poses for quite a bit and yesterday, I got a notecard from Props N Poses showing off their newest pose pack, Badonkadonk. I immediately popped over and snapped up this adorable booty shot pose for the low price of 40 lindens. OMG! It's so cute and perfectly shows off *ahem* assets oh so well. While I was pose shopping, I noticed that they were having a storewide hunt/photocontest called the Superstar Hunt. The only way to win this contest is to find all the stars hidden in the store with the last star containing a notecard with the theme and flickr page for this contest. I searched high and low for those stars but alas, I only found 8 of them. Doesn't matter though because I got some great freebies poses as prizes for participation. If you've never been to Props N Poses, I suggest you check them out. The owners are super generous with contests, freebies, and mores so the group alone is worth joining. Yes, I know this has been a long post for me but I really couldn't help but talk about both these stores so be sure to check them both out so you don't miss out! *Giggles*


Style Card

Outfit: MiMo Couture (MiMoCouture Resident) Romy in Black*
Skin: [Fall In] (Arcy Halfpint) Delicious Skin - Ifoni - Rockstar (Marketplace Promo 399L)
Hair: .ILLUSORY. (Crushed Clarity) Ayumi (Streaked) in Chocolate
Poses: PNP (Spishak Sorbet) Superstar Hunt Poses (Freebies!) and Badonkadonk 1 (NEW!!)

*Review Item

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jolie (New @ Filthy)

The other day, Alexandra Barcelos, owner of Filthy Skins, dropped me this folder of her newest women's skin release titled Jolie. Jolie, which means pretty in French, fits its definition. This skin which comes in 6 different skin tones and 8 makeups is one of the most beautiful I've seen in on Second Life. From the perfect shading of the eyes to the pouty lips, Jolie aims to please even the pickiest skin lovers. If you join Filthy's skin group for 199 lindens, you can nab this skin for 50% off until July 13th. Filthy puts out the most amazing monthly freebies for both men and women so even if you're not in the mood to buy a skin now, this group is definitely worth joining.

                                       Jolie in Ivory 01-03

                                      Jolie in Ivory 04-06

                                       Jolie in Ivory 07-08     

Sorry, this is gonna be a long post because I loved Jolie so much, I just had to go wandering off in her. My partner bought me this pretty dress from Apple May Designs and I picked up some goodies over the weekend and today so here I am showing them off. Enjoy all my pictures.


Style Card

Hair: >TRUTH< (Truth Hawks) Alison in Clove
Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Jolie Ivory 01 (NEW!!)(50% w/group tag till July 13th)*
Dress: AMD (Apple May) Summer Blossom Dress
Jewelry: *League* (Nena Janus) Wanderer Jewelry Set in Wood Medley
Bag: (TokiD) (Maya Levane) Bunny Bag in Brown (TDR Blue)
Poses: .:IP:. (Ashlie Coba) Vogue Pack 2 (Grenade Free Wednesdays)

*Review Item

Monday, July 11, 2011


It seems I'm always running out of interesting places to take my blog pictures so I did a google search on the most photogenic places in Second Life. I've been to a few of these sims but somehow this one got passed over. Innsmouth is described as an abandoned 1930's New England town and I found it so hauntingly beautiful that I just had to show off the goodies I picked up today.

I work weekends so I feel like I'm always missing out on the good sales that go on during the weekends but tonight I was lucky enough to make it to the Lazy Sunday ones. I fell in love with this pretty dress from Black & Blue Outfitters but when I took it home and tried it on, I couldn't adjust it to my body type. (Not the designer's fault, I'm a noob when it comes to these things!) Happily, I remembered that I bought these cream lace shorts from League on Friday so I thought hmm, I wonder if they match. I tried the top of the dress with the shorts and found it was a perfect match but that the outfit needed some color so I paired it with this awesome denim jacket from Action.

After that, I dropped by CHIC's Fashionably Late event and picked up this creamy skin with dark eye makeup from Haut Monde called Camden. I believe that it's a preview of her next skin line and it fits right in with what I can describe as a dewy look that seems to be the normal of Teresa Republic's skins. I love dark eye makeup because I'm usually after a dramatic look and Camden works so well for me. I topped off my look with one of the newer hair releases from Angel Hair. I usually work the long caramel colored hairs of hers but I decided to experiment with this chocolate brown short style and can definitely say I'm impressed with Angel's short dos too. Well, it's five am here and I've been up since five am the night before so it's definitely time for me to hit my pillow. Be sure to check out these fabulous stores!

P.S. My poses are supposed to be for shoe shots but look how cute they are for the rest of my outfit. You can snag these at Magnifique Poses because who doesn't love a pose that makes both your outfit and shoes look good.

Style Card

Hair: Angel (DJAngei Fallen) Helen in Cocoa*
Skin: !haut.monde (Teresa Republic) Camden - Natural in Late (Fashionably Late)
Jacket: Action (MarilynMonroe Munro) Women's Denim Jacket in Stone
Top: Black & Blue Outfitters (Jacinda Jaxxon) Valentino Dress in Slate (Lazy Sunday)
Shorts: *League* (Nena Janus) Crochet Shorts in Cream (Past FLF)
Poses: *MP* (Scarlet Chandrayaan) See My Stilettos

*denotes item provided for review

Friday, July 8, 2011


Today's Fifty Linden Friday list includes some beautiful designed pieces to add to any Second Life collection. From the girly girl to the ultra casual, the looks are abound with this list but I absolutely fell in love with this Goth-like blood red and black dress from Katatonik. I love the femininity of it combined with the dark colors. The lace detail is amazing and the resizer hud is so easy to use so I just had to show it off as a Dark Princess look. I combined it with some of my older faves and snapped up these adorable poses that are also a FLF special from Olive Juice to finish up my blog posting.

Omg, Kis is only showing off one picture. The sighs that I used to title post this blog are because I'm feeling a little frustrated with my lack of photography skills lately. I'm finding it hard to adjust my pictures to show off the complete look without stretching the pic to the point of blurriness so if anyone has some suggestions for me, I'd really appreciate it because I'm at a loss and it's depressing! Well, this blogger is off to google some stuffs! Have a happy Fifty Linden Friday!

Dress: *katat0nik* (Katat0nik Pidgeon) Ruby Dress (Fifty Linden Fridays)
Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ (Catwa Clip) Nada in Espresso
Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Ana Pale in Rouge
Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: (Vicky Werefox) Loyalty in Black Medium
Poses: Olive Juice (IsabellaGrace Baroque) - Great Lengths (Fifty Linden Fridays)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Look At My Elephant!

Yes, that's right look at its cuteness and tell me you don't want one for yourself. *Giggles* That's what happened to me when I stumbled onto a blog last night that featured this totally adorable elephant bag. It's so unique and well done that I just had to have one for myself so I tped over to Tokidoki and picked one up. I just love that it's wicker and can go with anything and that it came with a pose version perfect for pictures. Speaking of pictures, be sure to check out the cheap poses that they have for sale near the gachas. I can't resist cheapy poses and these ones are so cute.

I know I featured a C'est La Vie dress yesterday but I never have been to this store before so today during my shopping time, I checked the store out. They have so many cute summery romantic sundresses and such but I was pleasantly surprised that they were offering two very cute floral freebies. For the group reaching 2500 members, C'est La Vie has out this beautiful rose colored sundress for a freebie. All you have to do is join the group and slap the gift board and you got yourself one sexy little sundress. They also have a cute floral scarf as a gift for joining their subscriber so go on over and check out this store if you haven't already.

Lastly, I just have to mention this hair. It's one of the newer releases from Angel Hair and I just love it. The sideswept bangs and long loose waves of this hair make sure that it'll be a favorite of mine for the next few weeks so be sure to stop on by Angel Hair and check out their adorable designs. For long hair, they are truly becoming one of my faves.

Style Card

Hair: Angel (DjAngei Fallen) - Feray in Caramel (NEW!)*
Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Ana Pale in Natural*
Dress: ::C'est La Vie!:: (Larcoco Mathy) Vintage Floral Dress in White/Rose (Group Gift)
Bag: (TokiD) (Maya Levane) Elephant Bag in Light (NEW!)
Shoes: Mstyle (Mikee Mokeev) RIVEA Pumps in Tan
Poses: (TokiD) (Maya Levane) Poses1 (25 lindens!)

* denotes item provided for review

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All Over the Place

Omg! I seriously shopped till I dropped today. It started with Grenade Free Wednesdays and escalated into a full catch up on any shopping events going on in Second Life that I missed. My computer has been being a brat today so I'm not gonna talk much, just enjoy the pics and check out these events if you haven't or you'll be missing out on some really sweet stuff. Muahz!

Style Card

Skin: :F: Paige GSP Edition (Grunge Soul Project)
Hair: [Lelutka] Angela in Praline (Hair Fair)
Dress: ::C'est la vie!:: Star Mini Dress in Black Blue (Twinkle Night Bazaar)
Purse: [Tou From C*] TNB Star Bag in Purple (Twinkle Night Bazaar)
Eyes: .ID. Shine Eyes v2 in Blue-Green/Basic (Community Thrift & Trade Event )
Shoes: [PM] Baby T's in Black
Prop: [[[nocc.]]] TSB Skyroom (Twinkle Night Bazaar)
Poses: [Lauria] All Things Kawaii (Grenade Free Wednesdays)