Thursday, July 28, 2011

Alexandra (New @ Filthy)

Filthy skins released a new skin called Alexandra today. Alexandra is available at 50% off to group members until July 31st so zoom on over and pick her up. She comes in 6 tones and 8 makeups. All skin tone packs include 2 different cleavage layer options as well as the shape so it's definitely a bargain.

Alexandra in Ivory 01-06

                                          Alexandra in Ivory 07-08

I love how Alexandra (the owner of Filthy, not the skin itself) has a variety of different options in her skin packs. From bright and cute bubblegum makeup to smokey and sexy eyes, the choices are abound with Filthy Skins so if you've never been over to her store, you should definitely make it a point to. As well as providing her new releases for 50% off to group members, there is a group gift every month that is well worth the group fee of 199 lindens. What are you waiting for? Tp on over to Filthy Skins and pick up the lovely Alexandra (the skin, not the owner :D)!

Style Card

Skin: :F: Alexandra in Ivory 01-08* (NEW!! 50% Off till July 31st for group)
Hair: [Shag] (Sebastien Aries) Bombshell in Caramel
Tattoo: .::Delusions::. (Whisper Mizin) Text Smileys

*Review Item

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