Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Bloggers!

Ok, real quick post while my daughter is at Sunday School. Last night, I was bored and wanted to do an Easter egg hunt. I didn't know of any good ones going on so I searched egg hunt and HoliPoli popped up saying they were having one so I tped over and went hunting. The prize is this totally cute bunny outfit and it's scattered about the SIM in 12 eggs so if you're looking for a cute and totally free bunny outfit (shoes included), be sure to check out this adorable store and SIM. Oh, she's also got little eggs supposedly hidden with linden prizes in them but I didn't come across any of them.

Now, in case you are wondering about this adorable skin, it was an Easter gift from Filthy dropped to us in the beginning of the month. I'm not sure if it's still available but it goes perfectly with this look and I just love the cute little bunny makeup. Well, I'm off to raid the Easter basket some more. Have a happy Easter!


Outfit: HoliPoli Funny Bunny in White (Egg Hunt @ HoliPoli)
Skin: ::(F):: Easter Special - Tan

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rest Stop Fun

Wow! Two posts in a matter of 12 hours. I guess all that bumming around I did today has made me an extra busy chica at 2 am. I won big on No Devils (yes, call SL Gambler's Anonymous on me!) so I decided to do some traveling around SL. I stopped and splurged on this adorable top from Doppelganger Inc. that was on sale as the Fifty Linden Friday special. It's still available for about 20 more minute so run over and get it. Super romantic and flowy, Billie will go with anything. I paired it down with my newest fave jeans from Luck Inc. that I picked up for free as part of the Cover My Furry Butt hunt.

Now, onto the skin. Those of you who read my blog frequently know that I love pale skins, probably because I'm really pale in RL but today, I wanted to play around with a darker shade since everyone is always whining that I look doll-like on SL so I went in search of one. I found a few on sale but none of them felt quite right so I complained to my SL brother, Zan and he told me to try out his newest skin so I did. Zan is the one who made the skin I showed off about a week ago that was nameless. Well, now he's got his store up and running and you can go pay him a visit.

His newest skin release is called Lani. Lani is a lighter dark shade of skin that makes me think of the exotic. It's got neutral lip shading and eye makeup so if you want to add any of your favorite makeup layers it shouldn't be a problem. I'm showing it with my favorite lash layer but other than that, this flawless design is his own. Since this is a PG blog, I can't show you what's underneath but if you go to his store, Hybrid Designs, you can see that the nipples are shaded lovely and the girly parts look presentable. I paired it with a long flowy hair from Truth and bright fantasy eyes that are a freebie compliments of Shine and took off to my newest fave photography SIM for some pics. I just love the props that Ange's offers so if you haven't been there, be sure to check it out. Well, now that my tank is filled, I'm off on some more SL adventures. Have a nice Saturday!


Skin: Hybrid Designs - Lani Tone 3 (NEW!) (Review Item. Hugz Zan!)
Hair: TRUTH - Bea in Espresso
Eyes: Shine - Silent Lucity Mardi Gras (FREEBIE!)
Top: Doppelganger Inc. - Billie Blouse (Fifty Linden Friday)
Jeans: ** - Tyra Jeans (Cover My Furry Butt Hunt)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Today I Don't Feel Like Doing Anything.....

Yes bloggers, I seriously laid in bed all day. Just one of those days where I lack no motivation but I wanted to show off this adorable outfit I picked up on the Marketplace. !K&L! has always been my go to store when I need to be Neko for a club event. They have the most cutest outfits complete with tails and ears and are always so cheap.

While browsing the Marketplace for any cheap and fab finds, I came across this adorable Spring Faun outfit from there. I eyed it up for a few days because I'm not usually the type to roleplay anything other than human avatars but of course, the cuteness won out and I picked it up.

Spring Faun comes complete with everything you see in these pics minus the skin, hair, and makeup. Yes, this means you get the adorable hoofs, tail, and ears as well as the complete outfit and jewelry. The designer knows how hard it is to match up shapes so she's even included an extra pair of resizer hoofs for those of us like me who are inept at resizing so we don't walk around looking like an idiot. There is also a skin hud so you can match your ears to your skintone but I couldn't find my perfect color and thought that they looked better in black. Oh, did I mention that this outfit is only 50 lindens on Marketplace? If you're the type who likes to be a sexy Spring deer, then I'd rush right over to the Marketplace and grab up this bargain. It won't be on Promo for long so don't delay. Now, I'm back to doing nothing. Happy Good Friday blogggers! Muahz!

Outfit: !K&L! Sexy Spring Faun Outfit (OMG! 50L on Marketplace!)
Skin and Hair: See previous blog

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Depraved, Posh Slutcookie

Hewwo bloggers! Omg! I've been so busy hunting that I haven't had time to come up for air but I just had to stop and do a post so you all can see the goodies I've snagged. Plus, Whisper of the Killer Kitten blog posted about this super cheap hair sale at Posh so of course, I had to go visit and see what I could snatch up. Posh/Slutcookie is having a sale till Sunday and when you see all the awesome stuff you can get, you'll be sure to pay them a visit.

My first look of the day features a soft and dewy neutral skin called Velma. I turned it oh so rockerish with these awesome star tats from Depraved Spring Madness hunt courtesy of Para Designs and black layered tank and armband also a goodie from the DSM hunt compliments of Miu. I topped this look off with this smexy blonde hair and jeans on sale for only 25 lindens at Posh.

Next up is this fabulous white minidress with a black lace peek a boo bra from *X*plosion. This dress comes in two versions, the white I'm featuring and a floral version, and guess what? Both are a DSM hunt prize. I paired it with another adorable hair from Posh (yes, I bought so much!) and the newest skin release from Filthy called Kiona. Well, it's back to the hunt. Have a nice week and don't spend too much!

Look 1

Skin: [Slutcookie] Velma - Tan *Trouble (OMG! 25L!)
Hair: (Posh) Wednesday - Wheat (OMG! 25L!)
Top and Armband: Miu'*ZX* Tank (Depraved Spring Madness Hunt)
Jeans: (Posh) Boyfriend Jeans - Charcoal (OMG! 25L!)
Tat: ::Para Designs:: Lucky Stars Dark (Depraved Spring Madness Hunt)

Look 2

Skin: ::(F)::Kiona. Pale. Smoked (Review item - hugz Alexandra!)
Hair: (Posh) Hush - Midnight (OMG! 25L!)
Dress: *X*plosion SweetFlower Dress (Depraved Spring Madness Hunt)

LM to the sale because I couldn't find it: Posh & Slutcookie

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Goodbye Tiny Bird

Today, I'm blogging two stores that are having a sale. One is just for spring but the other is closing. Tiny Bird had recently became a favorite store of mine. I didn't know it existed until I started blogging and stumbled across it while doing the Seasons Hunt. What I saw made me stop back and splurge on things from time to time. Sadly, I got word through a Fifty Linden Fridays ad that Tiny Bird was closing its doors forever and that the store was having a huge sale with hairstyles going for 100 lindens, fatpacks for 300 lindens, and all other merchandise reduced. Of course, that made me pop right over and pick up quite a few things I've been eyeing. One piece of clothing I just had to pick up with this gauzy type material dress called the St. Augustine Dress. All of the colors that this dress is offered in are beautiful but I opted to pick up the mint because the color is different and because Spring is on my mind.

Another must buy for me was this men's shirt wraparound tie dress called The Morning After Dress. This dress was blogged in the SL Suicide girls blog and ever since than I wanted it. I was happy to find out that the tie was color changeable and that my partner really liked it so even more reasons to snap it up besides the discounted price.

Once I was done saying goodbye to Tiny Bird, I realized that I had read on one of the blogs I follow that was also having a sale so I popped over there and gave them a browse too. I was shocked to find this awesome layered tanktop was only 45 lindens and then I saw the Fifty Linden Friday find was a pair of nicely detailed jeans that come with both a flare option and skinny jean option attachment so I matched those up and complimented it with one of their soft romantic hairstyles and these totally adorable flats.

After all this shopping, I needed to find an awesome SIM to show you all my fabulous finds so I searched photography and found this great SIM with lots of props at a store called Ange's. I will definitely be back to support this location because the props are just fantastic. Well, I'm off for now bloggers! Have a happy Sunday!


Outfit 1
Dress: Tiny Bird- St. Augustine Dress -Mint
Hair- fri.-Miley -Timid Brown

Outfit 2
Dress: Tiny Bird- The Morning After Dress -Navy
Shoes- fri.-Basic.Flats (Tan)

Outfit 3
Top: fri.-Twofer.Tank (Forest.Sunset)
Bottoms: fri.-Low.Rise Jeans (Faded)

Location: Ange 43, 186, 24

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Khex Mix

*Giggles* Ok, it sounds like Chex to me so that's how I came up with the title. Khex are the newest pair of shorts offered by the store, Khush. They are knee length checkered colored low waisted cargo shorts and remind me of something you'd see a sexy skater girl wearing. Khush is offering them in about 10 different colors but I really liked the brightness of the purple so jumped on them. Khush has been one of my longtime favorite stores on Second Life because it offers such versatile and fantastic finds. A while back, I splurged on this lovely top that I've paired with my new Khex shorts. I'm a sucker for anything black and Frisss seriously can go with any outfit and completing the outfit is their bangle bracelets offered in black. Oh, did I mention that the store is having a 50% off sale on all clothing for a limited time so hurry, hurry, hurry over and check them out.

Oh I forgot! Today I'm featuring a mystery skin. My SL brother has decided to try his hand at designing skins again and made this one for me so of course, I gotta show it off. This nameless as of yet skin features a slightly shiny tan yet flawless complexion with glossy neutral lips and a beige colored eye shadow. I'm not sure when these skins will be available but keep your eye on my blog for more details. Well, I'm back to the SL club grind. Have a happy Wednesday! Hugs!


Top: KHUSH - FriSSS in Black (50% off)
Bottoms: KHUSH - Khex Shorts in Purple (50% off)
Bracelets: KHUSH - Short Leather Bangles 3
Hair: >TRUTH< Courtney in Mocha
Skin: Information Coming Soon
Sneakers: ::STOKED:: Stokies Sneakers
Makeup: Estetica - Thy Lashes Yo
Prop: aDORKable Poses: The In Crowd

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Oh, I Love a Sale!

Happy Saturday bloggers! Who doesn't love a sale? I know I love, love, love a good sale especially when it's at a store that has such cute merchandise like Kyoot. For those of you who have been out of touch in the SL fashion world, Kyoot is having a spring sale with everything in their store on sale for 50 lindens or less until April 10th.

First, I'm featuring a lovely neutral tone tanktop with necklace embellishments called the Self-Evident tank. It's casual yet dressy enough to feel like you put an effort into your look of the day. I paired it with these totally adorable and OMG free! Tyra jeans from the Cover My Furry Butt Hunt compliments of Luck Inc.

Next up, I'm showing off this oh so pretty spring floral dress. It makes me feel so girly and romantic. It comes in four different patterns but I really liked the simplicity of this pattern so I snagged it up. Also, Truth just released this pretty new hair called Alison. It's a messy bun that goes perfectly with these outfits. I can say I'm in seriously love again and haven't taken it off since I bought it yesterday.

Well, I'm off to find more steals. Have a nice rest of the weekend all! Hugs!


Outfit 1

Top: Kyoot - Self Evident Tank - Beige (ON SALE)
Jeans: ** Tyra Jeans (COVER MY FURRY BUTT HUNT)
Hair- >TRUTH< Alison - Coffee (NEW)
Poses: Gesticulate (Dollarbie)
Skin: ::(F):: Annabelle. Pale. Natural

Outfit 2

Dress: Kyoot - The Ground Beneath Her Feet (Go Lightly) (ON SALE)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Digital Renegade

Hello bloggers! Today I'm featuring a friends store in my blog. The store is called Digital Renegade and the designs are urban, industrial, and super cheap. The shirt I'm wearing brings to mind a warning sign, the kind of warning that says, "Look out boys! I'm here to rock your cyber world." Totally original too!

As for the bracelets, you can never have to many bangles and these jellys are super cute and can easily be worn with anything so if I were you, I'd pop on over to Digital Renegade and pay a visit. You can never pass up a bargain after all!


Top: -=DR=- Yellow & Black Top
Bracelets: -=DR=- Black Jelly Bracelets

Friday, April 1, 2011


Boo! I'm back! Well, sort of. I took a little blogging vacation because my Second Life job has been kind of busy. I'm a manager at a new club, Club Cyanide, and have been in charge of promoting and events. It's keeping me busy in the kind of busy that I need to have in order to stay on SL. Now, I took a minivacation (giggles, seriously an hour) from that in order to blog.

Today, I'm featuring a skin from Filthy. Now for those of you who have just started reading my blog, Filthy is a new skin designer who makes absolutely gorgeous skins. If you join the VIP group, she features a skin a month as a group gift for both males and females. Last night, she dropped the April gift but I haven't had time to check it out so I'm showing off one of her newer ones. Thalia is a beautiful work of art with slightly pink cheeks that remind you of a spring day. She comes in four different makeups as well as four skin tones. I'm wearing her pale natural skin with a mascara from BOOM.

A while back I found this store called Toxic Bish that has really cool clubber clothes. The top I'm wearing in this post comes from there and is available in many other colors besides orange. Add some old favorites like KHUSH jeans and Truth hair and tada! Anyways, this is my beachy blog. I'll be back sometime in the near future. Hugs fellow bloggers and readers!


Skin: :F: Thalia.pale.Natural *
Hair: >TRUTH< Berry - Chestnut
Makeup: *Rezlpsa Loc* Orange You Glad Nails
Makeup: *BOOM* Express Mascara (three coats)
Top: ToxicBish Sexy Orange Top
Bottoms: KHUSH-Jeans-Blue
Poses: Purple Pose #32 and 92

* denotes free item provided for review