Sunday, April 17, 2011

Goodbye Tiny Bird

Today, I'm blogging two stores that are having a sale. One is just for spring but the other is closing. Tiny Bird had recently became a favorite store of mine. I didn't know it existed until I started blogging and stumbled across it while doing the Seasons Hunt. What I saw made me stop back and splurge on things from time to time. Sadly, I got word through a Fifty Linden Fridays ad that Tiny Bird was closing its doors forever and that the store was having a huge sale with hairstyles going for 100 lindens, fatpacks for 300 lindens, and all other merchandise reduced. Of course, that made me pop right over and pick up quite a few things I've been eyeing. One piece of clothing I just had to pick up with this gauzy type material dress called the St. Augustine Dress. All of the colors that this dress is offered in are beautiful but I opted to pick up the mint because the color is different and because Spring is on my mind.

Another must buy for me was this men's shirt wraparound tie dress called The Morning After Dress. This dress was blogged in the SL Suicide girls blog and ever since than I wanted it. I was happy to find out that the tie was color changeable and that my partner really liked it so even more reasons to snap it up besides the discounted price.

Once I was done saying goodbye to Tiny Bird, I realized that I had read on one of the blogs I follow that was also having a sale so I popped over there and gave them a browse too. I was shocked to find this awesome layered tanktop was only 45 lindens and then I saw the Fifty Linden Friday find was a pair of nicely detailed jeans that come with both a flare option and skinny jean option attachment so I matched those up and complimented it with one of their soft romantic hairstyles and these totally adorable flats.

After all this shopping, I needed to find an awesome SIM to show you all my fabulous finds so I searched photography and found this great SIM with lots of props at a store called Ange's. I will definitely be back to support this location because the props are just fantastic. Well, I'm off for now bloggers! Have a happy Sunday!


Outfit 1
Dress: Tiny Bird- St. Augustine Dress -Mint
Hair- fri.-Miley -Timid Brown

Outfit 2
Dress: Tiny Bird- The Morning After Dress -Navy
Shoes- fri.-Basic.Flats (Tan)

Outfit 3
Top: fri.-Twofer.Tank (Forest.Sunset)
Bottoms: fri.-Low.Rise Jeans (Faded)

Location: Ange 43, 186, 24


  1. Pretty pics! And I didn't know Tiny Bird was closing:-( Thanks for sharing! xxx

  2. Thank you Lisa. Yes, so sad they are closing but I read somewhere she wants to focus on RL stuff.

  3. Thanks for the heads up KiSMet! Going to head there this evening, dam wish I didn't have to work gets in the way of my fun:(

  4. Gotta love work! I got so much stuff from there but there is so much going on in SL fashion wise right now that I gotta spread myself thin or I'll go broke!