Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Depraved, Posh Slutcookie

Hewwo bloggers! Omg! I've been so busy hunting that I haven't had time to come up for air but I just had to stop and do a post so you all can see the goodies I've snagged. Plus, Whisper of the Killer Kitten blog posted about this super cheap hair sale at Posh so of course, I had to go visit and see what I could snatch up. Posh/Slutcookie is having a sale till Sunday and when you see all the awesome stuff you can get, you'll be sure to pay them a visit.

My first look of the day features a soft and dewy neutral skin called Velma. I turned it oh so rockerish with these awesome star tats from Depraved Spring Madness hunt courtesy of Para Designs and black layered tank and armband also a goodie from the DSM hunt compliments of Miu. I topped this look off with this smexy blonde hair and jeans on sale for only 25 lindens at Posh.

Next up is this fabulous white minidress with a black lace peek a boo bra from *X*plosion. This dress comes in two versions, the white I'm featuring and a floral version, and guess what? Both are a DSM hunt prize. I paired it with another adorable hair from Posh (yes, I bought so much!) and the newest skin release from Filthy called Kiona. Well, it's back to the hunt. Have a nice week and don't spend too much!

Look 1

Skin: [Slutcookie] Velma - Tan *Trouble (OMG! 25L!)
Hair: (Posh) Wednesday - Wheat (OMG! 25L!)
Top and Armband: Miu'*ZX* Tank (Depraved Spring Madness Hunt)
Jeans: (Posh) Boyfriend Jeans - Charcoal (OMG! 25L!)
Tat: ::Para Designs:: Lucky Stars Dark (Depraved Spring Madness Hunt)

Look 2

Skin: ::(F)::Kiona. Pale. Smoked (Review item - hugz Alexandra!)
Hair: (Posh) Hush - Midnight (OMG! 25L!)
Dress: *X*plosion SweetFlower Dress (Depraved Spring Madness Hunt)

LM to the sale because I couldn't find it: Posh & Slutcookie