Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New from Pepper & N-Core

Not much to show you today but this adorable necklace from Pepper. It's the newest gacha item and comes in a variety of colors. I think it's totally cute and it was so easy to resize. I love it!

Also, N-Core has generously put out a new group gift, Eternity in Dots Edition heels. I love the cutesy polka dots and all of the generous options to personalize your stiletto. Besides all the goodies usually included with N-Core shoes, the HUD also has a black with white polka dots option as well as a white with black polka dots option so if you're a member of this group, go over and pick these up. I have to warn you though that it took me several tries to get into the region due to everyone else wanting these so have patience.

Style Card

Hair: [e] Again in Black 04
Skin: :F: Paige in Ivory 07
Top: WWI Retrobilly Black & White Cami
Necklace: ~Pepper~ Flower Necklace in White (New Gacha Item)
Heels: N-Core Eternity Dots Edition (New Group Gift)
Poses: PNP Stormy 1 Pack


  1. YAY I am in the n-core group but the notice never came through for me, thank you Kismet I might have missed these gorgeous shoesies!!! xx

  2. Yw! You can pay me back by tinting my skin correctly. :D I'm slowly working on getting it just perfect for my main skins.

  3. Ohhhh thank you for telling me about the N-core group gift, I am in the group but didn't get any notice about that! hugsss

  4. Wow! Guess I logged on at the right time. As soon as I came on, the notice got sent to me and I went to get them right away but it took me a half hour to get into the sim.