Friday, August 26, 2011

My Lucky Board Prowl

C'est la vie put out a new feather dress on their lucky board the other day and during my downtime, I've been seriously stalking this board in hopes of my letter coming up. There aren't ever many people around but this dress is so cute that I don't understand why. I've been on a budget lately so I've been looking for good quality freebies and cheapies and this dress is absolutely stunning in my opinion for free.

Today I tped into the store and it wasn't on my letter but I stayed put. A few other girls came in but I had my eye set on the prize and knew in some odd way that ? was gonna come up. Imagine my shock when it did in fact come up on the next round. I quickly slapped that Lucky Board to walk away with this dress and tped on out. I feel no remorse to those who weren't quick enough because I was there first. I'm sure you'd sympathize with me.

I felt like being countryfied today because this dress has a western influence in my opinion so I paired it with my favorite Miel cowboy boots and this adorable hair from Catwa. Neither are new but they are worth taking a look at. Well, I gotta saddle up now. See ya on the range.

Style Card

Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Anie Fair 06 w/Freckles (NEW!)
Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ (Catwa Clip) CowGirl Hair in Chestnut
Dress:::C'est la vie !:: (Larcoco Mathy) Feather Dress in Beige (Lucky Board)
Boots: MIEL (Mika Nieuport) Dandy Boots in Flor
Bracelet: MIEL (Mika Nieuport) CHUM Bracelet (Subscriber Gift)
Bracelet: ::TFG:: Gift Group Special Summer Edition (TFG Group Gift)


  1. Love the dress and styling! That dress was certainly worth waiting for!:-)))

  2. Thankies Lisa! I thought so myself and wore it most of today as well. *Giggles*