Sunday, August 21, 2011

New @ Bubblez & Pepper

Bubblez Designs just released this kick ass army fatigue outfit. It's a shorts set with a sculptie vest and belt. They've also included a camouflage makeup layer which I am not showing off because I like to stay pretty. You can pick this totally awesome outfit up for 299 so get your butt over to Bubblez before I shoot you. Lolz! See what wearing this outfit for a bit can do to you!

I figured since I was going for a bad girl image that I'd go all the way out and show off these new piercings from Pepper too. Featuring one attachment point, you get multiple piercings that compliment each other well so if you're look for some hawt piercings Pepper is the new place to go. Now this soldier girl is getting ready to bunker down. Peace out!!

Oh btw, this grungy background is by Props N Poses. They have the best backgrounds I swear so if you're being lazy and don't want to scout a location for your pics, check them out.

Style Card

Outfit: BB (milo Bubble) Army Outfit (NEW!!)
Piercings: ~Pepper~ (Danni Pfeffer) Nose Plug Piercings (NEW!)


  1. Whoa KiSMeT! I can't keep up with you LOL! And this outfit looks great on you (just don't go round shooting people please *hehe*)hugssss

  2. Lol! Blogging is my SL Lisa so I don't expect you to keep up with me. :D I promise I'm done shooting peeps for the day.

  3. Love the outfit KiSMet! So cute. My style too hehe. You wear it well. Take care, blog away babe!!