Saturday, June 25, 2011

OMG! I'm a Geek! And Proud of It!

Lately I've been seeing some really cute stuff from the Geekgasm Hunt so I decided to go a hunting and I'm so glad I did. The prizes from this hunt are so good that I gotta show them off. Most feature math, science, reading, or electronics. All things that I love soooooooooo I guess that means I'm a geek. Anyways, check out these goodies!

Btw, I love the game Magic and know how to own at it (Can we say green/white combo deck anyone?) so maybe that should have clued me in to my geekdom long ago! *Giggles* Happy hunting!

Look 1

Skin and Glasses: :HS: Haiku: Stardust and Black Glasses (Geekgasm Hunt)
Hair: >TRUTH< Alison - Clove
Jacket and Shorts: .:Furore. What I Am Hoodie (Geekgasm Hunt)
Shirt: Intrigue Co. I<3U Equation Shirt (Geekgasm Hunt)
Earrings: Undefined Lilies - Nerding You in Silver/White (Geekgasm Hunt)
Necklace: --YB-- Lunatic Lanyard - Black (Geekgasm Hunt)
Skybox: Doremi First Spring Home (Geekgasm Hunt)
Poses: GLITTERATI Long Hair 3

Look 2

Hair: >TRUTH< Emily - Clove
Sweater: .:Beatnik:. Shocked Nerd Sweater (Geekgasm Hunt)
Shirt: *Rezlpsa Loc* GeEk T-Shirt (Geekgasm Hunt)
Bottoms: .:A&M:. I <3 My Jeans - Dark Blue (DSN Hunt)
Necklace: [twee.] USB Cable Necklace (DSN Hunt)
Mouthie: *Boof* LOL Magic Gathering Card (Geekgasm Hunt)
Poses: .Thump - SAP (Geekgasm Hunt)


  1. Geeky and adorable! LOVE your looks!

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