Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Lazy Sunday Look

Omg! It's Lazy Sunday and we all know that means bargains galore gridwide! I know I look forward to seeing what the Lazy Sunday designers have to offer and today I picked up lots of goodies. I mean it, I'm totally broke! Lol! First, I gotta talk about this skin from haut.monde. Since this is a newer store, I've never been there before but the porcelain pale creaminess and juicy lips of their Lazy Sunday special, Natilde made sure that I'll be back.

After picking up this fabulous new skinnie, I just had to find some poses to show it off so I tped over to Still Life and was pleasantly shocked to see they had three pose packs as their Lazy Sunday specials. I snatched up two of them and can say I love the originality of them. All my pictures in this blog are showing off a few of the poses. I would have shown you more but that would have made for a very long blog posting. *Giggles*

I then saw this adorable Typewriter necklace from Caroline's Jewelry that I had to get too and after all that Lazy Sunday shopping, I needed a new outfit and remembered that Silenced is sadly closing on June 20th so I popped over there to see what kind of steals I could snag and got two awesome pairs of jeans and four tops for the low, low price of 150 lindens. You should definitely hop on over to Silenced and let the store go out in style.

Well, now that I've blown all my lindens and showed off some goodies, it's time to go back to RL. Have a Lazy Sunday readers! Muahz!


Skin: !haut.monde (Teresa Republic) - Natilde - Seashell - Natural (Lazy Sunday)
Hair: ::Exile: (Kavar Cleanslate) Esme - Maple (NEW!)
Top: {S} (Silent Acoustic) Half Rounder Shirt - Black (Store Closing 25 L)
Bottoms: {S} (Silent Acoustic) Star Jeans - Medium Wash (Store Closing 25 L)

Look 2

Top: {S} (Silent Acoustic) Low Cut Sweater - Pink (Store Closing 50 L Fatpack)
Bottoms: {S} (Silent Acoustic) Kaly Jeans - Light (Store Closing 50L)
Necklace: (Caroline's Jewelry) (Caroline Apollo) Vintage Typewriter - Silver (Lazy Sunday)
Poses: .:Still Life:. Sweet Bumble Bee and The Beautiful Abyss (Lazy Sunday)


  1. Cute outfits and pretty skin! Never heard of haute monda either, but I think I'll pay them a visit soon! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks! Oh, you should definitely. I saw shoes and clothing there too but was on a mission to just snag their skins which I believe are going to be released soon as a full line.

  3. I love the hair!! I'm going to have to try more of Exile's styles; I'm not sure why, but I've never really bought much of his stuff. :-/