Monday, June 13, 2011


So a new fashion discount shop opened today and it's targeted towards the more edgy, alternative crowd. Grunge Soul Project is its name and the designers are fabulous as is usually the case with discount shops. When I tped in, I found that the shop is divided into three parts: the body shop, male clothes and accessories, and female clothes and accessories. I was happily surprised to see a lot of my favorite designers like Damned, Pepper, and Al Vulo but also saw some designers that I've never heard of so today I'm showing off them as well as a beautifully done Jesylilo skin that I believe I snagged for the omg price of 100 lindens!

I absolutely loved this torn and tattered tank from *MUKA* that says "I Love You" with an abrupt change of heart to just F**k. We all have those types of moments with our partners. You know the kind of talking about so I bought it for when I'm in one of those types of moods. I paired it with these grey rolled up sculpty style jean shorts from -IC- and topped it off with some of my old regular accessories to complete my grungified look. This discount shop will feature all the fabulousness I've shown for three weeks and then, they will put out a new collection. I can't wait to see what kind of goodies are in store because we all know I like to be edgy some days.


Skin: *JeSyLiLO* Gsp*TanSkin* (Grunge Soul Project)
Top: *MUKA* Dirty Love (Grunge Soul Project)
Bottoms: -IC- Grey Shorts (Grunge Soul Project)

*All other items worn have been previously blogged


  1. Ohh love it!! kiSMeT roughening it up nice!!!

  2. Thanks Yume! It is hot!

    Thanx Anabelle! Sometimes I do! Lol! RH actually prefers it to my "doll-like" look.

  3. Love the tattoos!! I need to try some! Bahaha!

  4. Thanks Lashae! Lol! You tattooed! This I gotta see. You strike me as super girly.