Saturday, February 19, 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Teal

Arr, me hearties! This week's Color Challenge is teal. Teal is one of my favorite colors to wear both in SL and RL so I was super happy to see it come up this week. I have loads of teal in my inventory so of course, I had to make the difficult decision of what to feature but I wanted to have a little fun with my blog as usual so I found this pirate outfit by Deviance and went swashbucklin' the high seas.

I found this fun pirate pose on the Marketplace by Poise that was free! Omg! I love free poses! It fits in with this look so well and can help me to frighten off any scallywags that may try to steal my booty.

Of course, all pirates need to relax from their life of plundering so I decided to sit for awhile on this barrel. Now, enjoy my feature of teal or you be walking the plank! Yo-ho-ho!!!


Outfit: *Deviance* Pirate Mate - Teal (Lucky Board prize)
Hair: >TRUTH< Marcelle - Pecan
Skin: Filthy Nora - Pale (Feb. group gift)
Makeup: *Rezlpsa Loc* Raven Nails and Estetica: Teal Funk Eye Makeup (Gatcha prize)
Pose: .::Poise::. Pirate (Freebie!)
Location: Blackspot Shipyard


  1. very cute look ... I love any pirate look ... and the pirates in the look ;-)
    Now I just wonder what's in the barrel ... water or Rum ;-P

  2. LOL I love your pirate look, so cute!! Just be careful with that sword *hehe*

  3. Thanks Mayala and Lisa. I think the barrel has sweet tea in it. Hey, if I'm the captain of the ship, I get to say what's in it right? LoL! And I'll be sure to be careful with my sword. Don't wanna hurt anyone with it.

  4. Damn the Pirate look is good on you, you should have been a pirate hehe... Love the look!!!

  5. Great look and I like to see anybody try and take over your ship! They'd have to walk the plank!

  6. But where's the rum gone? LOL Very cute pirate look. ;-)

  7. YoHoYoHo..a Kisme life for me!!! LOL
    To cute you are, love your take on teal.

  8. Thankies Rudh but I don't think the pirates life is for me. They get to be a bit mean after awhile.
    Thanks Eliza. Yes, I guard my ship heavily! Lol!
    Thank you Guen! I think my crew drank all the rum.
    Thanks Laila! You sing well, wanna be part of my crew? :D

  9. Your pics are so adorable!!! I so cannot wait until Pirates of the Caribbean 4 comes out!!

  10. Thanks Lashae! I gotta catch up with my movie watching! *Blames SL!!*

  11. What a fantastic pirate! I love it!