Sunday, February 6, 2011

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Black

Hi Second Life peeps! Super tired here from a busy RL work weekend but running behind in posting this so figured I'd squeeze in a real fast blog. This week's color in Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge is black. Like so many other bloggers have said, I have lots of black and it's one of my favorite colors to purchase clothing in so I thought it would be an easy challenge. First, I thought about doing a dark blog picture with an Emo theme but decided against that because those who really know me, know I'm not Emo so I went to my favorite spot to shop, Marketplace, and saw this Fallen Cupid outfit by one of my fave sexy designers, TayLay for when I'm hosting so of course, I had to snatch it up. Besides, it's fitting for this time of year and I hate Valentine's Day so wanted to see a shot down cupid. I messed around with different looks and came up with this bruised and battered Gothic cupid. Hope you enjoy my pics for this week's challenge. Hugz from Kis!

P.S. I remember seeing a blog where a blogger was verbally abused by overzealous abuse advocates about featuring a bruised skin so I'm letting you all know that she wasn't beaten by a male cupid and is just this way because she fell 1000 feet from the sky!


Outfit: *Tay-Lay-Designs* Fallen Angel
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. Leoni Hurt_LB1 (Lucky Board)
Tattoo: KHUSH - My Heart Tattoo
Hair: >TRUTH< Bea - raven (NEW)
Boots: Bax Prestige Black Leather Boots
Makeup: !MM! Smoky Sparkle Dark (Mango Hunt Prize)
Eyes: ROZENA ~Romantic Eye~ Blue (TVDH Prize)


  1. Dunno If I would trust Cupid (who would trust a man in a nappy (diaper - showing my englishness there lol)) but damn you look foxy, definately gonna be able to shoot him down!!! Love the look!

  2. olala ;-) ... who tried to hurt such a cute cupid ;-P
    Now I'm curious what you'll do in the valentine's week ...

  3. Your adorable Kis, even with owies on

  4. Thanks Rudh! I'm the female version who got shot down. *Giggles*

    Thanks Mayala and I haven't thought that far ahead yet. There are a lot of great Valentine's goodies out there so I might just suck it up and feature them.

    Thank you Laila! I like the owie skins and meant to do this post with a bandaid too but forgot.