Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hi bloggers! Today I'm featuring a new skin from one of my favorite skin designers on Second Life. If you guessed Filthy, you're right. Annabelle is her name and yes, again, I'm in love. She comes in three tones, pale, tan, and dark. I'm going to show you the pales. From the soft pink lips and pale eyeshadow of Douce to the sky blue eyeshadow and pretty pink lips of Candy, Annabelle offers a skin for all so run over to Filthy, join their VIP group because as I've said before, she puts out fabulous group gifts, and snag these skins.

                           Douce                     Badgirl                         Candy

By the way, these skins were not modified in any way but a tattoo layer of eyelashes. I'm using the special Filthy sky setting as well as the pale cleavage option to feature these skins.

                            Cream                       Natural                    Smoked

And here is a full body shot of the skin just so you all know that it's not one of those skins that has a beautiful face and hideous body. Come on, you know what I'm talking about. We've all purchased a skin based on the pretty face just to strip ourselves naked and realize the terrible mistake. *Giggles*


Skin -::(F):: Annabelle in Pale w/ cleavage option and brows (Review Item)
Hair - fri.day Leigh - Moody Brown
Bra and Panties - [ROCKBERRY] Dotty
Makeup - *BOOM* Express Mascara (three coats) and *Rezlpsa Loc* Raven Nails
Pose: Purple Poses


  1. Thanks Lila! All of her skins work so well with my shape.

  2. Omg love it and it is my name have to go check it out. The lingerie is lovely going to have to get it. Mwah thanks Kismet!!!!

  3. Thankies Anabelle! When Bastian let me know you were back to blogging, I thought of this skin. *Giggles*

  4. Very pretty and sweet-looking skins! And they sure look great on you!

  5. Love this skin on you! Very pretty ^^