Monday, January 24, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

The other day while wandering around, I stumbled upon the store Ducknipple and absolutely loved the majority of their merchandise. I tped my friend because they had an off color freebie in their lobby and then we noticed that they had a whole discounted/free section. Of course being the savvy shopper I am, I decided to check it out. The stuff that Beanster Potato is offering for free or extremely low prices is well worth more. I picked up loads of goodies and even tp'd my partner in to pick up some of the guy stuff they had. One of the finds I found was an 8 pack of 80's cartoon tanks for only 25 lindens!!! The My Little Pony one I am wearing in the pics is just one of the totally cute tanks offered in this pack.

Then, while reading one of my fellow fashionista's blogs (Thanks Lashae!), I found out that one of my new fave skin lines, Filthy, had a skin featured at the Chic Boutique Discount store so I zoomed over there and picked it up for the low price of 90 lindens. This skin is so sweet and aptly named Nala's Bubblegum. While at Chic Boutique, I found these Frenzy jeans that go perfectly with my new pony tank so I just had to splurge on them too. Top this outfit off with one of my old favorites like Khush bangles and this totally cute gacha prize from Awesome Blossom and you get a little bit of everything.


Shirt: .:Ducknipple:. 80s Tank - My Little Pony (25l for an 8 pack!!)
Jeans: [frenzy] Loony Leather Jeans (50l at Chic Boutique!)
Skin: ::(F):: Nala. Pale. BubbleGum w/cleavage (90l at Chic Boutique!)
Hair: [e] Mood - Blonde 07
Bracelets: KHUSH Short Leather Bangles - Black 3
Makeup: Toxic Bish Eyelashes Tattoo
Post It: ::AB:: Mouth Post-It (25l Gacha prize)