Monday, January 10, 2011

A Little Late but....

Yes, I know I'm a little late in showing this outfit I promised to feature a couple days ago but I was RL busy so had to put it on the back burner until now. Last week while exploring, I came across the store, **[Riddle]**. I've never been to it before but the designer's brightly colored outfits caught my attention so I browsed a little and joined their update group with plans on visiting their main location at a later time. The next day, I received a notecard from the update group saying that they were invited to join the Designer Showcase and had created a special outfit at the promo price of 99l. I opened the picture and was pleasantly surprised to see an adorable winterish dress and coat with coordinating tights so I zoomed over to the Designer Showcase store which is on the same SIM as Glam Affair and purchased **[Riddle]**'s newest design. Now, prim dress attachments are one of my biggest SL pet peeves as I'm sure they are for a bunch of you so I was ecstatic to see that **[Riddle]**'s dress had a prim piece that blended better than 90% of stuff out there. Because of this, I will happily be buying from them again especially if they keep putting out adorable stuff like this. Btw, you get three color options for the tights.

**[Riddle]** Winter Blues Coat and Sweater Dress w/Aargyle Tights for Designer Showcase (99l)
FA Creations boots (part of Polka Dots Knitted Winter outfit)
Rozena Simple Eyeliner (5l!!!)
Amacci Hair Mira in Chocolate
[ROCKBERRY] Farrah I Natural


  1. I saw this at the Designer Showcase last weekend and so fell in love with it. It is too adorable, and you really cannot beat the price!

  2. I know! I'd pay that for just the dress and the coat is textured so nicely.