Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Very Lazy Sunday

Hi fellow bloggers and blog readers! Today has been exactly what the post says, a very lazy Sunday. I stayed up late last night in order to be one of the first to score all these fabulous finds I got from the Lazy Sunday event and haven't done much of anything today! I've never really visited all the stores in the event before, just went to my favorites but last night, I decided to check them all out. From skins to earrings to outfits, the deals are abound. I think there is a little something for everyone's style but I'm just gonna show off my favorites today.

When I saw this skin, I knew I had to have it for the days I want to be a blonde. It's so girly with its bright pink lipstick and rosy cheeks. I love the tan and how it makes my eyes pop. CandyDoll has done an excellent job and I know that they just released a new skin today so go snatch this bargain up and check out their new release.

Then, while browsing all of the other Lazy Sunday stores, I found this absolutely beautiful light blue outfit at Cynful. This shade is my second favorite color in the whole world so I had to spring for it. The detail on the skirt is beautiful and the hoodie looks so comfy casual. Again, I just had to have it. Lol! I'm sure you all sympathize with me in the same way. I have been lagging pretty badly the last few days so I couldn't browse this store like I wanted to but I'll definitely be back to check out more of their merchandise. Anyways, it's time for me to do something more productive with my day. Be sure to check out this week's Lazy Sunday event!

Skin: *CandyDoll* Ramona Tan with cleavage (Lazy Sunday)
Skirt: [Cynful] Leather Skirt-babyblue (Lazy Sunday)
Top: [Cynful] Sky's Hoodie (Lazy Sunday)
Hair: [e] Mood- Blonde 07
Makeup: !MM! Smoky Sparkle Dark (Mango hunt prize)
Nails: *Sexy Mamas* Manicure
Poses: Purple Poses Camila (Baby It's Cold Outside hunt prize)


  1. I absolutely love the sweater!! It's so adorable. I like the skirt, too, but I think I would like it more if they were short shorts instead. Hehe Great pictures!! That hair looks fabulous on you!!

  2. Lol Lashae! I probably would have too. I hate the prim attachments but still a very pretty color. Thanks for the hair's such a pretty shade of blonde.