Friday, January 21, 2011


I've been known to come up with crazy ideas and run with them. So far on SL, I've opened a clothing franchise, a detective agency, and a photography studio that have all failed miserably. When I told my partner my plans to start a fashion blog, I expected him to say it was stupid and that I shouldn't try but he's been supportive so far. Well as supportive as a guy can be about fashion! He's actually expressed an interest in my blog and is probably the only person who reads it daily. *Smiles* Anyways, about a week ago, he asked me if he could take my picture for a blog posting so here it is. Sorry it's so late hun but you know me, I procrastinate big time!

Now of course being the control freak gf I am (yes, I admit it!), I had to snap a pic of both of us together for this blog entry as well. I think we look so cute together. Don't you agree? :D


On me:
Hair: >Truth< Courtney-Java
Skin: [ROCKBERRY] Farrah I Natural
Dress: %.:EC:. Essential Dolly Red (includes stockings and sexy lingerie)
Necklace: *MG* Black Pearls

On RH:
Shirt: Growl Bands Tee-Rise Against
Jeans: Deteriorate Type 1 Pants Rughester
Hair: >Truth< Drake-Mocha
Tattoo: Dragon Kanji Flame
Skin: Redgrave 06b Emil Tanned
Accessories: Action Mens Jean Clip

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