Thursday, September 20, 2012

We're a Broken People Living Under Loaded Gun

Hey all! Just a fun LOTD post featuring these awesome mesh pants I've seen on a few blogs I follow lately. They are by Tonktastic and feature a texture hud for the pants and the belt plus the option of wearing them short or long or low or normal waisted. I feel in love with them as soon as I demo'd them and you will too so be sure to check them out.

Once I got my LOTD together, me and one of my besties went in search of the perfect sim to take pics at and came across The Wastelands. I love the attention to detail this sim's designers put into it and it make me feel like a character in one of Linkin Park's post apocalyptic themed videos so I just had to stick around and take pics here. If you've never been to this sim, be sure to go because it's awesome. Now, I think someone is following me so I better get into stealth mode. Till next time readers! Hugs!

Style Card

Hair: Truth (Truth Hawks) Carmen in Honey w/Roots
Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Alecia in Tan 08
Goggles: >T< (Haruko Fukai) Hacker Goggles
Top: (Darling Monday) Cliquester Tank in Emo (New!)
Bottoms: Tonktastic (Tonk Tomcat) Unicolor Cargo Pants Female Version (New!)
Boots: Deco (Orchid Zenovka) Jumpboots in Gravel
Necklace: [bubble] (moonbubble Gothly) Don't Push Me Necklace
Bullets: ~Pepper~ (Danni Pfeffer) Bullet Shoulder Strap
Nails: Rezipsa Loc (Rezipsa Luckstone) Raven Nails
Poses & Prop: Bounce This (Bouncer Criss) Girls Gun Pose Pack

Location: The Wastelands

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