Friday, April 1, 2011


Boo! I'm back! Well, sort of. I took a little blogging vacation because my Second Life job has been kind of busy. I'm a manager at a new club, Club Cyanide, and have been in charge of promoting and events. It's keeping me busy in the kind of busy that I need to have in order to stay on SL. Now, I took a minivacation (giggles, seriously an hour) from that in order to blog.

Today, I'm featuring a skin from Filthy. Now for those of you who have just started reading my blog, Filthy is a new skin designer who makes absolutely gorgeous skins. If you join the VIP group, she features a skin a month as a group gift for both males and females. Last night, she dropped the April gift but I haven't had time to check it out so I'm showing off one of her newer ones. Thalia is a beautiful work of art with slightly pink cheeks that remind you of a spring day. She comes in four different makeups as well as four skin tones. I'm wearing her pale natural skin with a mascara from BOOM.

A while back I found this store called Toxic Bish that has really cool clubber clothes. The top I'm wearing in this post comes from there and is available in many other colors besides orange. Add some old favorites like KHUSH jeans and Truth hair and tada! Anyways, this is my beachy blog. I'll be back sometime in the near future. Hugs fellow bloggers and readers!


Skin: :F: Thalia.pale.Natural *
Hair: >TRUTH< Berry - Chestnut
Makeup: *Rezlpsa Loc* Orange You Glad Nails
Makeup: *BOOM* Express Mascara (three coats)
Top: ToxicBish Sexy Orange Top
Bottoms: KHUSH-Jeans-Blue
Poses: Purple Pose #32 and 92

* denotes free item provided for review


  1. This skin sure looks pretty on you! And I love the orange top and the backdrop too!!

  2. Thanks Lisa! I wanted a new summery profile pic so it inspired this blog.

  3.'ve been missed! =)

    Great springy look Ms Kissy!

  4. Hugs Laila! Aww, I missed you all too! I'm just sporadic at times. *Giggles*