Monday, January 4, 2016

Hide Away

Where do the good boys go to hide away, hide away?
I'm a good, good girl who needs a little company
Looking high and low, someone let me know
Where do the good boys go to hide away, hide away?

Boys seem to like the girls
Who like to kiss and tell
Talking them up about the things they do so well
But I'd rather find a boy
Who is down for the chase
Putting in the time that it takes
To be fly as a mother (Hey!)
To supply all of my heart's demands
Suit and tie cause under cover
He's gonna save my life like superman...

To see what I'm wearing and for my decor credits, keep reading!

Style Card

Hair: Magika (Sabina Gully) Lessons in Color Hud 01
Skin: Lara Hurley (Lara Hurley) Heidi in Flirt Pale
Top: NYU (Nyunyu Kimono) Floral Blouse in Nude Floral
Bottoms: Just Because (Annie Melson) Editor Slacks
Pose: Kirin (Carolina Sautereau) Sitting Pretty Pose Pack

Sway's (Sway Dench) Rosalie Bedroom Set in Romantic Copper (Uber!)
Ispachi (Andred Qinan) Florian Breakfast Tray
Ispachi (Andred Qinan) Florian Flipflops in Blue
Erratic (Erratic Rain) LSM Clothing Clutter in Female
Aria (Yelo Uriza) Gretchen Armless Chair RARE
Sway's (Sway Dench) Facette Lamp (Past FLF)
Half Deer (Halogen Magic) Fairy Curtains in Tied White
MudHoney (Rayvn Hynes) Victoria Mirror
Tartessos Art (Nico Griffith) Dream Wallboards

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