Tuesday, January 12, 2016

No More Sushi Please!

We're too full from all the yummy sushi to find a song so just credits tonight.

Style Card

Hair: Mithral (Evadne Quintessa) Basil in Variety (The Seasons Story)
Mesh Head: Genesis Lab (GenesisLab Resident) Lindsey 2.0 in Cream (The Seasons Story)
Dress: {sallie} (Sallie Takao) Tied Cocoon Dress in Red (The Seasons Story)


[[RH]] (Ryo Ixxel) Cat (Black) CHIGURA (The Seasons Story)
[[RH]] (Ryo Ixxel) Heater (The Seasons Story)
[[RH]] (Ryo Ixxel) Zabuton A (The Seasons Story)
[[RH]] (Ryo Ixxel) Zabuton E Secret (The Seasons Story)
[[RH]](Ryo Ixxel) Nabe (TSUMIRE) Rice (The Seasons Story)
8f8 (8f8 Resident) Serene Sanctuary Bamboo Rug
8f8 (8f8 Resident) Serene Sanctuary Koi House RARE
{anc} (Aki69 Resident) Fish Shop Daughter's Lotus in Gold

1 comment:

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