Monday, December 8, 2014

The Heart Wants What It Wants

This is a modern fairytale
No happy endings
No wind in our sails
But I can't imagine a life without
Breathless moments
Breaking me down, down, down, down

The bed's getting cold and you're not here
The future that we hold is so unclear
But I'm not alive until you call
And I'll bet the odds against it all
Save your advice 'cause I won't hear
You might be right but I don't care
There's a million reasons why I should give you up
But the heart wants what it wants
The heart wants what it wants ..

To see what I'm wearing, keep reading!

Style Card

Hair: Lelutka (Thora Charon) Trend in Just Done
Skin: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) December in Jamaica 03 (The Arcade)
Lingerie: Epoque (Ziekling Bunnyhug) Bikini Underloons
Heels: (Darling Monday) Opal Heels in Antique (Uber)
Sofa: 8f8 (iBi Resident) Granny's Winter Cottage Bed (The Arcade)
Pets: Ispachi (Andred Qinan) Cherished Moments Paws & Claws (The Arcade)
Pose: La Tee Da (Rylan Carling) Ponderance (Marketplace Only)

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