Thursday, January 12, 2012

Taste the Rainbow

Sticky Fingers has released lots of colorful goodness this week in the form of lingerie. I'm showing off their yellow glitter bra and panties set. These glittery numbers come in 8 bright colors that compliment this rainbow colored one shouldered tank they've also released. I absolutely love bright, fun colors so when I saw these, I knew I'd never want to take them off and yessssssssssss, I'm running around in public with my bra showing now. *Giggles*

They've also opened up a new accessory brand called Fanatik. These pumps are their first release from this line and come in 7 colors that compliment the lingerie perfectly. I love the design and colors of these heels and they remind me of my much beloved Baby T's by Pixel Mode but these are no mod and don't have a resizer so I'm hoping the future release from them do because I have fat feet I guess. Anyways, if you want to make your own tasty rainbow look, you should check out both these stores because this stuff is hawt!

Style Card

Hair: [e] (Elikapeka Tiramisu) Quirky in Black 04
Skin: HS (Amesha Jewell) Love Euphoria Decora Skin (FTLO Millennium Hunt Prize)
Bra & Panties: Sticky Fingers (Michell Tomsen) My Yellow Glitter Underwear (NEW!)
Tank: Sticky Fingers (Michell Tomsen) My Rainbow One Shoulder Top (NEW!)
Heels: FANATIK (Funatik Resident) My Platform Pumps in Deep Blue (NEW!)
Gloss: [sauce] (Constance Daehlie) Pink As Hell (Silly Girl Pack)
Nails: Rezipsa Loc (Rezipsa Luckstone) Taste the Rainbow Nails (Dollarbie!)
Pose: label motion (anne Dakun) Hada Poses

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