Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Even in the Dark: Perfect Wardrobe

As I said in my last post, Perfect Wardrobe has a fairytale theme this round and since every fairytale has its dark side, here is mine. Yulicie put out this unicorn set that comes in two versions. It includes the horn, tail, top and wings. I'm rocking the evil unicorn look but if you want to be a cutesy unicorn, there is a set for you as well. I'm also showing off this tattoo from Delusions that states how love gives us a fairytale. If you haven't been to Perfect Wardrobe yet, you definitely need to head over and check them out at their new location.

Style Card

Hair: !lamb (Lamb Bellic) Cinnamon in Granny
Top, Horn & Wings: [y] (Noelle Neaph) The Unicorn Inside of Me Evil (Perfect Wardrobe)
Shorts: [AvB] (Aveline Bailey) Crazy Love Shorties
Tattoo: Delusions (Whisper Mizin) Love Gives Us A Fairytale (Perfect Wardrobe)

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