Sunday, October 16, 2011

Perfect Wardrobe Starts Tonight!!

As some of you are aware, Perfect Wardrobe starts tonight! I have been waiting excitedly for this event to begin ever since I heard of it on Whisper Mizin's blog. For those of you who don't know about it, let me tell you all about it. Perfect Wardrobe is the newest discount shopping event to hit the grid. It is ran by the owners of the Toxic Shock SIM and will feature their stores as well as these listed: Stickyfingers, HolliPocket, Izzie's, Damned, Jesylilo, Aura and many many more. This event will run biweekly with all items being 90 lindens (I think!) and I'm proud to show you just a few of the goodies that will be offered this round so check out these pics:

I also have to mention these stylish poses that were just released from Props N Poses. If you're in the need of high quality fashion poses, Props N Poses is your place. These poses are the newest runway poses released and offer versatile poses that show off all your clothing perfect. The Runway Poses come from 1-80 right now but I'm featuring some from the 71-80 pack. Head on over to PNP and pick these awesome poses up too while you're on a shopping kick. After all, you'll need something to show off all your Perfect Wardrobe buys with.

                                                 ~TP to Perfect Wardrobe~

Style Card

Hair: !lamb (Lamb Bellic) Isolation in Butterfinger
Skin: *BARBIEDOLL* (DURA Deluxe) Lula in Fall (Upcoming Perfect Wardrobe)
Sweater: {K}Rea (Kere Millar) Duble Sweater White (Upcoming Perfect Wardrobe)
Pants: -BC- Fall Pants in Brown (Upcoming Perfect Wardrobe)
Eyes: eleanor rigby. (Krysten Jigsaw) Optics in Aztec (Seasons Hunt Gift)
Liner: .:: Delusions::. (Whisper Mizin) Pink Escapades Liner (Upcoming Perfect Wardrobe)
Shoes: (Jolie Monday) Basic Flats in Tan
Poses: PNP (Spishek Sorbet) Runway 74 & 80 (New!!)


  1. Whoa KiSMeT!! I can't keep up with your blogging (once again) *LOL* You look so comfy and relaxed in this outfit today, and LOVE that hair too!

  2. Lol! Sorry Lisa! I'm a busy blogger. Be sure to check out this event if you love the outfit. Hugz!