Friday, May 13, 2011

Skate'n Surf Hunt Preview - Part 1

Hello my awesome fellow bloggers. Today I'm pleased to show you some fabulous previews compliments of the Skate'n Surf Hunt which starts tomorrow and runs till June 14th. The hunt is courtesy of What's the News and features a summer vibe with all hunt items having to be focused on either surfing or skateboarding. Today I'm in a beachy mood so I'm going to show off some of the "surf" items.

First up is an adorable blue bikini from Apricot Paws that is versatile yet sexy. From the front, it looks no nonsense surfer chick but when you look at it from the behind, you will see that it has two cute bows to give it the perfect girly vibe. I paired it with this fantastic surf board prop from J & T Poses and Animations. J & T Poses and Animations has been very generous and given this board with about five different poses so be sure to keep your eye out for other poses available with it because of course, I'm just featuring my favorite pose of them now.

Now that I'm done getting my surf on, it's time to change into another pretty but dry bikini by Before Sleep and relax a little at this awesome lifeguard tower/beach shack brought to you by 22769 Casual Couture. This shack is perfect for all your surfer photos with friends because it features five great poses and compliments any beach perfectly with its weathered look. The sign at the entrance says "Bikinis optional" so I'm going to opt to leave my on. *Giggles*

 Well, it's time for me to catch another wave. Be sure to check back for more fantastic items you can find on this hunt and check out What's the News for start locations and hints. Aloha! Yeah, yeah, I know it's not surfer lingo but I don't know how surfers say goodbye. I've always lived inland.

The details:

Outfit 1
Bikini: Apricot Paws Bow Bikini in Blue (Skate N' Surf Hunt)
Hair: >TRUTH< Berry in Chestnut
Skin: ::F:: Candy. Pale. Natural (Review Item! Hugz Alexandra)
Makeup: *BOOM* Express Mascara (three coats)
Prop: J&T Pose&Animations Surfboard Prop (Skate N' Surf Hunt)
Pose in 2nd pic: Purple Poses

Outfit 2
Bikini: #Before Sleep# Bikini and Flip Flops (Skate N' Surf Hunt)
Hair: (Posh) Sugar in Midnight
Skin: -Glam Affair- Monica in Tan
Prop: 22769 Casual Couture Bauwerk (Skate N' Surf Hunt)

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