Sunday, May 8, 2011

Back Off! I'll take you on!

For those of you who know me, you know I'm never one to turn down a challenge so when my partner, RH, challenged me to make an av that was hot and cost nothing to make, I jumped right on it. I went about this the easiest a.k.a. least laggiest way I could and hit up the Marketplace. There was so much stuff that I loaded my new avatar up with lots of clothing and accessories but when you get to the goodies, I believe hunts provide the best quality goodies for free so I stopped off, visited a few that are running, and picked myself up some awesome hair and an adorable skin. I present to you my newest alt, Madison.

I do admit that it's a lot harder to make a hot av than it seems on zero lindens so I went and paid 6 lindens for a decent shape which I tweaked a bit and some eyeliner but in my opinion, 6 lindens is like zero lindens. I still think Madison turned out pretty good. What do you think?

Oh yeah, in case you were wondering about the title of this post. It's called "Headstrong" by Trapt. It's one of my favorite songs and kind of fits in my taking on this challenge. Anyways bloggers, I'm off! Be sure to give the song a listen and have a happy rest of Mother's Day.

The deals:

Skin: Style by Kira - 49 Skin (Whiz Hunt Freebie)
Shape and Eyes: BND Kaori (5 lindens)
Hair: RAW HOUSE :: Evelyn in Blood Rot (Depraved Spring Madness Hunt Freebie)
Complete Outfit including shoes and jewelry: **Dirty Princess** Sport Beauty Princess Outfit (Freebie)
Makeup: ee. Liner-Noir (Dollarbie)
Top in other pic: ::[C.S.]:: OMG :P TankTop (Freebie)

Poses compliments of Cheap Click Photo Studio


  1. Wow Madison looks hot alright!!! I think you did a fantastic job!!!!

  2. Thanks Lisa! It was hard but I was bored and couldn't back down from the challenge.

  3. Great job on a dime, take note noobs it doesn't need to cost a bundle:)

  4. Thanks Anabelle! I'm seriously considering making this like a freebie/hunt blog since that seems to be the direction it's taken.