Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Heist ~ My Arcade Photo Contest Entry

The Arcade ended yesterday and although I absolutely loved everything the designers offered as usual, I didn't really get a chance to blog about it. Too busy doing other things and finding what makes me happy in SL! When I did see all the monetary products Sorgo had for its gacha, I just knew what type of picture I wanted to do for the contest. I immediately built a casino heist scene in my head and after days of procrastination, I got to work building it from Sorgo's items as well as many other Arcade finds.

I have to give special thanks to my friends though for their help: Katja, thank you for your artistic eye and suggestions for furniture placement, Zaidee, thank you for loaning me the bag of money that I spent 100's of lindens trying to win and unfortunately didn't, and Nick, thank you for being my model when no one else had the time to do so. You all rock! <3

Oh and the pic! Good luck to all who entered the contest this round. There are some amazing entries!

To see what items I used, keep reading!

Style Card

Arcade items used:

junk. Morrison Leather Chair
junk. Morrison Wire Lamp
junk. Morrison Iron Bed
junk. Morrison Ceiling Light
Vespertine Antique Chandelier in Brass
Leezu Sophia Sideboard in Black
Erratic Home Whiskey
Erratic Home Vodka
Erratic Home Tequila
Erratic Home Gin
Erratic Home Triple Sec
Erratic Home Coffee Liquer
Erratic Home Olive Boat
Consignment Travelled Suitcase (Moded)
Zaara Ikat Dhurrie Rug in Kohl
7 Emporium Casino Marquee
7 Emporium $ Marquee
Aisling Paper Trash
Aisling News
Convair Studio Drawing/Tape
Convair Studio Architectural Drawings
Sorgo Pile of Euros Stack
Sorgo Plastic Wrapped Stack
Sorgo Leather Gloves
Sorgo Passports Pile A
Sorgo Passports Pile B
Sorgo Euros Stack 100E
Sorgo Bag of Euros
Sorgo World Passport
Sorgo Folded Stack 100
floor.plan Walkie Talkie in Grey
Truth Maiko in Ginger

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