Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tear You Apart

Either way he wanted her and this was bad
Wanted to do things to her it was making him crazy
Now a little crush turned into a like
And now he wants to grab her by the hair and tell her

I want to hold you close
Skin pressed against me tight
Lie still, and close your eyes girl
So lovely, it feels so right

I want to hold you close
Soft breath, beating heart
As I whisper in your ear
I wanna fucking tear you apart

To see what I'm wearing, keep reading.
Style Card

On Me:

Hair: Exile (Kavar Cleanslate) Part of Me in Marone
Lingerie: Blacklace (Mariska Simons) Veronica in Purple
Heels: Msytle (Mikee Mokeev) Goshi Pumps in Black
Pose: *ED* (Fata Boa) Would You? (Pose Fair!)

On Q: Me ;)

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