Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm Famous

Well, I'd like to think so but hey this is SL and no one is famous. Anyways, I've got more goodies that you can nab at the Whore Couture Fair which starts March 1st. The Bishes have put out these sexy tanks with a peek a boo bra. Since I like cutesy sayings, I just had to show it off for you. I paired it with some adorably naughty panties and socks from Belote that are also going to be available for purchase at Whore Couture Fair. Topping off my look is this sexilicious tattoo from Delusions. Don't we all want to hear our sex partners say more, more, more! *Giggles* I know I do! :p

Style Card

Hair: Truth (Truth Hawks) Tahnee 2 in Walnut Streaked (NEW!)
Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Nathalie in Cream 01
Top: The Bishes (Juicy Sahara) Fuck Me I'm Famous in Pink (Whore Couture Fair)
Panties: Belote (Nat Nizna) The Whore Panties (Whore Couture Fair)
Socks: Belote (Nat Nizna) Nylon Print Socks in Pink (Whore Couture Fair)
Heels: N-core (Claire Messenger) Coquette in White
Tattoo: Delusions (Whisper Mizin) More More More Tattoo (Whore Couture Fair)
Poses: Embody (Radagast Lexington) Rapunzel Poses

1 comment:

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