Tuesday, September 27, 2011

C is For.....Alphabet Challenge

Yay for C! You C, I'm not too far behind. C was ok but it reminded me that I really need to organize my inventory. I had trouble finding C items and I know I have lots. When I remembered that I was dropped this pretty dress from The Sea Hole, my look started to come together until I got to my shoes. Ahh, the only C shoes I have were these boots and a pair of chocolate Mary Janes that clashed super bad so I ditched the bottom half of the dress even though it's oh so pretty to give you my casual C look.

Yes, I'm really starting to get into the Fall theme so you're gonna see a lot of earth tones. Sorry, that's just the way the cookie crumbles and speaking of cookies.....

:D I just had to. And now, I'm off to get my own cookies. Till next week which will be brought to you by the letter D!


  1. share the cookie wealth? you look so cute in your c outfit, that shirt is pretty!

  2. Hey that's my favourite character on Sesame Street! LOL! Great C look too!

  3. *Hands out cookies for all* The full version with the skirt is much prettier than just the shirt but it just didn't go with the ankle boots. :( I love mostly anything from The Sea Hole and she's such a nice designer.