Saturday, March 21, 2015

Stay With Me

Why am I so emotional?
No, it's not a good look, gain some self control
And deep down I know this never works
But you can lay with me so it doesn't hurt
Oh, won't you stay with me?
Cause you're all I need
This ain't love it's clear to see
But darling, stay with me
To see what I'm wearing and to get some info about a shoe sale, keep reading! 
Style Card
Heels: (Darling Monday) Veronica Platforms in Black (50% Off Sale!)  
Pose: an lar [poses] (Katya Valeska) Don't Tempt
Tres Blah (Julliette Westerburg) Hodgepodge Tossed Clothes (The Arcade)
Pixel Bits (Carmsie Melodie) Scattered Underwear Women (MP Only)
*windsong (Snowy Melody) Night Table w/Books in Wood
Cheeky Pea (Isla Gealach)  Industrial Romance Bed (Consensual) 
Cheeky Pea (Isla Gealach)  Teigr Art (Consensual) 
The Hive (thehivestore Resident) Cabinet of Curiosities in Black
Pilot (Kaz Nayar) Romantic Candlesticks in Black 
Dutchie (Froukje Hoorenbeek) Condoms (Freebie)


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