Sunday, September 21, 2014


Hey all! Just wanted to point your attention to something. As many of you know, I'm pretty open about being active in the adult aspects of SL. I enjoy blogging sexy looks with some of my most intimate friends and writing up little stories. About two months ago, I decided to start an adult blog with some of my favorite naughty bloggers. This blog will be featuring all of my NSFW posts from now on so I just wanted to share a teasing excerpt from my most recent post. If you're into the sexier side of SL, be sure to check us out.

Lying on the floor, I beg for mercy. "Please, Mistress...", I softly plea against the restraints of the ballgag as she hovers over me, enjoying the sense of helplessness she's driven me to....

 To read more and to see my credits, visit us over at SL Boudoir.

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