Friday, July 11, 2014

Ghost Town ~ A Clawtooth Hair Fair Sneak Peek

And I remember how you told me all you wanted to do
That dream of Paris in the morning or a New York window view
I can see it now you're married and your wife is with a child
And you're all laughing in the garden and I'm lost somewhere in your mind

If you've got visions of the past
Let them follow you down
They'll come back to you some day
And I found myself attached to this railroad track
But I'll come back to you some day

Maybe I should just turn around
Walk away
For no matter how much I really do want to stay
You know I can't when it's too late....

To see what I'm wearing, keep reading!
Hair: Clawtooth (Bubbles Clawtooth) Color Me Pretty in Break of Dawn (Hair Fair!)
Skin: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) Summer in America 05
Dress: Zenith (Miffyhoi Rosca) Bohemian Summer in Cream (Collabor88)
Birdcage: Ohmai (Anya Ohmai) HF2014 Tweeter Companions in Small Cage (Free @Hair Fair!)
Pose: (marukin) (Valencia Southard) Light Pose Pack 

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