Monday, June 27, 2011

Peppered Paige

While scavenging the Marketplace for new designers, I came across this colored wood bead set by Pepper. I've recently found out about Pepper via The Fashion Garret and have wanted to check out their store but haven't made it so I was happy to find them on the Marketplace especially since they were offering several of their designs at promo prices. I was thrilled with the quality of this accessory and was extremely pleased to find it easy to modify to my shape. I steer away from accessories because I am a noob when it comes to fixing prim pieces and modifying jewelry but this necklace laid so nicely around my neck so I am stoked.

Also, Alexandra Barcelos has put out a skin that is absolutely breathtaking once again. Paige is Filthy's newest release and she comes in 6 tones as well as 8 makeups. I get the pleasure of showing you Paige in Ivory. Filthy's Ivory is not your normal ivory. I don't feel like I'm a vampire in it. Instead, it's a sun-kissed glowy skin that is perfect for the summer. I love the slighty rosy cheeks and neutral pouty lips that just scream kiss me. You should hurry on over to Filthy, join their group and buy this skin before June 29th! Why? Because this beautiful skin with the shape and cleavage option is half price until then! We all love a good sale and this is surely one you shouldn't pass up!

                                                                  My Close-Up of Paige

                                                   Filthy's Close-Up of Paige in All Tones

Style Card

Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Paige. Ivory. 08 (NEW!!) (50% Off till June 29th to Group)*
Hair: [e] (Elikapeka Tiramisu) Garden - Blonde 07 (Sorry! I love it!)
Top: [Slutcookie] (Ashley Seminario) Tie Me UP Top - Red (25 L)
Jeans: Custom iNKZ (Kyle Moseley) True Legend Jeans - Light Blue Stone Washed
Necklace and Bracelet: ~Pepper~ (Danni Pfeffer) Voodoo Set (100 L on Marketplace)
Poses: Magnifique (Scarlet Chandrayaan) Poses Model Poses (2HFYS Hunt)

* indicates review item


  1. Oh KiSMet I love the post and Pepper is my favorite jewelry and belts shopping spot. Danni is a fabulously hip designer I wish where were more like her hip jewelry is hard to find well she fits my style. Great post and like the new changes to your blog. A joy to read as usual.
    Anabelle Marquis

  2. Hugs! Thanks Anabelle! Yes, her designs are cute. I actually made it to the store but my pants weren't rezzing and this dude kept iming me about it. I saw a belt that I thought was adorable but noticed it was blogged by two people on my feed list yesterday so found this necklace and went with it. We gotta do a post together some time!

  3. I love the jewelry, and the skin looks fabulous on you! I find manually adjusting pieces a bit challenging as well, but I found an easy to use resize script on the marketplace which has made it a lot easier!! Most jewelry comes with resizers, but when I get pieces that done... I just pop in the scripts, and I'm good to go!

  4. Thanks for the tip Lashae! I'll have to check that out. Although, I'm sure I'd mess that up too! Lol!

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