Friday, April 22, 2011

Today I Don't Feel Like Doing Anything.....

Yes bloggers, I seriously laid in bed all day. Just one of those days where I lack no motivation but I wanted to show off this adorable outfit I picked up on the Marketplace. !K&L! has always been my go to store when I need to be Neko for a club event. They have the most cutest outfits complete with tails and ears and are always so cheap.

While browsing the Marketplace for any cheap and fab finds, I came across this adorable Spring Faun outfit from there. I eyed it up for a few days because I'm not usually the type to roleplay anything other than human avatars but of course, the cuteness won out and I picked it up.

Spring Faun comes complete with everything you see in these pics minus the skin, hair, and makeup. Yes, this means you get the adorable hoofs, tail, and ears as well as the complete outfit and jewelry. The designer knows how hard it is to match up shapes so she's even included an extra pair of resizer hoofs for those of us like me who are inept at resizing so we don't walk around looking like an idiot. There is also a skin hud so you can match your ears to your skintone but I couldn't find my perfect color and thought that they looked better in black. Oh, did I mention that this outfit is only 50 lindens on Marketplace? If you're the type who likes to be a sexy Spring deer, then I'd rush right over to the Marketplace and grab up this bargain. It won't be on Promo for long so don't delay. Now, I'm back to doing nothing. Happy Good Friday blogggers! Muahz!

Outfit: !K&L! Sexy Spring Faun Outfit (OMG! 50L on Marketplace!)
Skin and Hair: See previous blog

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